Surgical Services

Cheshire Medical Center’s surgical teams are committed to providing you with the safest, most comprehensive and compassionate care, close to home. Our surgeons pride themselves on ensuring you understand your options and creating a care plan that works for you.

Surgical specialties at Cheshire Medical Center

Cheshire offers a range of surgical specialties and services, including inpatient, outpatient, day surgery, and minimally invasive procedures.

Minor procedures, such as simple eye or skin surgeries, may be scheduled in the location where you usually have appointments with your specialist. Other surgeries are performed in Cheshire's operating rooms (ORs) by your specialist and our team of certified OR nurses.

Cheshire Medical Center's surgical specialties include:

Your personalized plan of care

No two patients are alike, so every surgical care plan is personalized. Your team considers your history, goals, and needs, as well as your condition and recovery plan.

Your team works with you at every turn, so you always know what to expect. Most surgical care teams include your surgeon, the pre-op team, OR team, and recovery team, your primary care team, and sometimes outpatient rehabilitation. We work together to ensure you have what you need for a great recovery. 

Cheshire Medical Center nurses Tami Renken, BSN, RN; Michael McLeroy, RN; Eric Hood, BSN, RN; and Catherine M. Smith, RN

Four Perioperative Nurses Lead by Stepping Up and Giving Back

All following distinct career paths, nurses from Cheshire Medical Center's Surgical Services team commit to encouraging and mentoring others in their field.

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Surgical care that expands if you need it

As Cheshire is a member of the Dartmouth Health system, your care team also has access to highly-specialized surgeons at other Dartmouth Health locations, should you need them. With shared medical records and close collaboration, your whole team stays on the same page so you get the best care.

What to expect when you have surgery in Cheshire's OR

Your specialist's team and primary care coordinator ensure all of your care is coordinated—even through your recovery at home. Together, we design your personalized care plan and walk you through what to expect before your surgery.

Preparing for surgery

Pre-surgical providers and highly skilled nursing staff make sure you are ready for your procedure. When you are well prepared, you improve your chances of a positive experience and recovery. We give you a thorough medical assessment, which may include some tests. We also coordinate closely with your primary care provider and other specialists as needed.

It’s important to understand how to get ready for your surgery to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We offer guidance, support, and education about your surgery. We want to answer every question you have—no matter how small.

On the day of surgery

Your care team lets you know exactly what you need to do on the day of your surgery. From the moment you arrive to your follow-up care, our team never stops caring for you. During the procedure, our experienced anesthesia staff monitors you while our entire surgical team works together to ensure a safe and optimal outcome.

Our Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU or Recovery) features state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and highly skilled nursing staff, who care for you if you need to stay at Cheshire before returning home. Learn more about Hospital Medicine and Inpatient Care

Going home

After your procedure, your care includes pain management, comfort measures, and post-op teaching with written and verbal discharge instructions. When you go home, we follow up with a phone call to make certain all your questions are answered and you are recovering as expected. Your primary care team’s care coordinator helps guide your transition home, so you can follow your care plan for a good recovery.

Bridey Shepardson, RN Tamika Marciniec, BSN, RN, CPAN Danielle Drigotas, BSN, RN Nicole Cusack, BSN, RN

Certified nurses—gaining specialized skills for exceptional care

Building robust knowledge of their specialties, these nurses demonstrate their expertise and elevate their careers through professional certifications.

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A blue diamond logo with the American College of Surgeons mark

Surgical Quality Partner of the American College of Surgeons (ACS)

As an American College of Surgeons (ACS) Surgical Quality Partner, we’re committed to the highest standards of surgical care. This designation reflects our proven record of adhering to the most rigorous standards in surgical quality—to minimize complications, improve outcomes, and save lives.

Our participation in ACS Quality Programs helps ensure that we continue providing our patients with the best care possible. When you see the ACS Surgical Quality Partner mark in our hospital, you can trust that we’re dedicated to quality and relentless self-improvement.