Sponsorship, Membership, and Community Engagement Guidelines

As the Monadnock Region’s largest healthcare provider and leading employer, we are dedicated to supporting the communities we serve. We support local, nonprofit community organizations by providing financial contributions via marketing sponsorships and/or offering Cheshire Medical Center employee engagement.

Our Marketing and Communications team utilizes sponsorships to increase “recognition of” and “connection with” the Cheshire Medical Center and the larger Dartmouth Health brand by partnering with and sponsoring like-minded organizations in the community. Through this work, we ensure that our people and our brand are woven into the fabric of our communities. We embed the commitment and values of the Dartmouth Health system into the communities that we serve, ensuring that Cheshire is seen not only as a healthcare provider —  but as a leader in the community. 

Areas of focus

  • Strategic Partnerships: Organizations that support our ongoing operations and strategic goals
  • Media Partnerships: Leverage key media outlets across our footprint to increase visibility (through high-volume channels and innovative programs) of our brand, expertise, and services
  • Non-profit Partners: Hyperlocal marketing through engagement and sponsorship of local events. Partnerships show goodwill while aligning our brand with like-minded, not-for-profit organizations in the communities we serve.


We will use the following guidelines when reviewing requests for sponsorships and organization engagement initiatives:

  • Our major focus of support will be on health-related causes and on community, civic, educational, diversity, and economic initiatives if these support our institutional priorities and meet sponsorship guidelines. When possible, sponsorships will be aligned with engagement opportunities or as part of a long-term community partnership.
  • All requests must be submitted via email. There is a formal review process, after which a member of our marketing team will respond to the applicant within two weeks of the request.
  • All requests must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the event or the start of the initiative.

If you feel your request fits within the guidelines above, please email mbarone@cheshire-med.com.