Senior Passport

Discount meal program

Senior Passport Discount Meal program

The Senior Passport discount meal program provides affordable, balanced meals in a friendly community setting.

Community members and patients 60 years and older are invited to participate in the Senior Passport discount meal program in the Art Nichols Café at Cheshire Medical Center.

Senior Passport members receive an entrée with two sides from the Art Nichols Café Home Station and a small beverage* for $5.95.

*Beverages included in price are bottled water, Vitality water, 8 oz. milk, or a small hot beverage.

How to apply for the Senior Passport program

In order to receive the discounted meal price, you’ll need to fill out a registration card. After you complete the registration, you can send it in through mail, and once it is processed, you will receive your new Senior Passport Program meal card in the mail. This meal card can be used as long as you choose to participate in the program.

Who is eligible to participate in the Senior Passport discount meal program?

Any community member 60 years of age or older is invited to participate.

How do I enroll in the program?

Enrollment is easy. Simply pick up and submit an application at the Art Nichols Café.

What is included?

Senior Passport participants can purchase an entrée with two sides, and a small beverage (bottled water, Vitality water, 8 oz. milk, or a small hot beverage) from the Art Nichols Café for $5.95.

Are there to-go meal options?

To-go meals are also available Monday through Sunday from 12:30 to 6:30 pm. (To-go meals are a great way to grab a hot meal on your way to an in-person workshop through the Community Health Education Program.)

Do I need to renew my card every year?

With the updated meal card, you no longer need to call in to renew it. You can use your new card as long as you choose to participate in the program!

I lost my card. What should I do?

If you lose or damage your card and need a replacement, you can fill out a new application or contact Maria directly at or 603-354-5454 ext. 2331

How can I find out what is on the menu?

You can call 603-354-5454 ext. 6368 for the menu hotline. (Menus are updated daily by 10:30 am.)

Are there any other community programs like this offered through Cheshire?

In addition to participating in Cheshire's Senior Passport discount meal program, you are invited to attend any Community Health Education opportunity. These no-cost educational workshops are a great way to meet community members while enjoying valuable health and well-being topics presented by local content experts and Cheshire providers, empowering you to live a healthy, well-balanced life. Visit the Events and Classes page for more information about upcoming classes and offerings.

For more information, call 603-354-5460 and leave a message for Maria.

Hot meals and salad bar are served

Monday–Sunday: 12:30 to 1:30 pm

Grab and go or heat and eat here

Monday–Sunday: 12:30 to 6:30 pm

Senior Passport menu line

603-354-5454 ext. 6368

Menus are updated daily by 10:30 am

Learn more about the Art Nichols Café

Health + Wellness for Seniors

In addition to the Senior Passport program, Cheshire offers seniors in the Monadnock Region:

  • Free community education opportunities: Lectures and classes on nutrition, exercise, and health education. See community events
  • Healthier Together eNewsletter: A monthly email full of helpful tips and tools, along with information about local learning opportunities and support offerings to help you live your healthiest life. Sign up for eNews