Education Benefits

Tuition reimbursement, loan forgiveness, and scholarships

Our commitment to our community means continuous improvement through ongoing training, best practices, and an atmosphere of mutual support. By supporting our employees' continuing education, we advance our goal of bringing our very best to the patients we proudly serve together. 

Nursing residency

Newly licensed RNs and LPNs, and nurses embarking on a new area of practice, benefit from Cheshire's nursing residency and additional orientation on your unit. New graduates enjoy practicing a full range of clinical skills, which are more frequently used in smaller community hospitals than in hospitals with highly-specialized teams. Learn more on our Nursing page.  

Tuition reimbursement

We offer tuition reimbursement for Cheshire staff as part of our commitment to healthcare education and in recognition of the critical role of elevated expertise and leadership within our organization. Full-time staff qualify for up to $3,000 in tuition reimbursement each year. Email Human Resources or call 603-354-6520 to learn more.

RN loan repayment

We offer RN loan repayment in recognition of the critical role of nursing in our organization and our patients' lives. Full-time staff qualify for up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness over four years. Email Human Resources or call 603-354-6520 to learn more.


Through the Cheshire Health Foundation and thanks to generous community members, annual scholarships are available for Cheshire staff and local students. View our scholarships page to learn more.

LNA Intern Program

Cheshire's LNA Intern Program is an employment opportunity under the direction of an RN for nursing students between their junior and senior years of nursing school. This 10-week program allows nursing students to enhance, develop, and grow their assessment, time management, and nursing skills while gaining experience in a healthcare setting. For more information, contact Kathy Weiner at 603-354-5454 ext. 2615 or Melissa Gartman at 603-308-9489.

Certificate programs and continuing education

Cheshire's Nursing Education Department often supports certification programs that enhance expertise. Hear from Team Cheshire nurses who pursued specialty certifications at Cheshire. Up to $1,000 in continuing education (CEs) is available to some ambulatory staff employed through Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Email Human Resources or call 603-354-6520 to learn more.


Bridey Shepardson, RN Tamika Marciniec, BSN, RN, CPAN Danielle Drigotas, BSN, RN Nicole Cusack, BSN, RN

Certified nurses—gaining specialized skills for exceptional care

Building robust knowledge of their specialties, these nurses demonstrate their expertise and elevate their careers through professional certifications.

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