Job Shadows and Clinical Rotations

Cheshire Medical Center is proud to host clinical rotations and job shadow experiences to help people interested in healthcare careers discover their interests and passions.

Job shadowing

Job Shadows are typically 1-2 day experiences in which an observer “shadows” someone in the healthcare field to get a sense of how their job works. Observers may be of any level of experience, from high school and college students to experienced practitioners. 


Clinical rotations

Students enrolled in an education program affiliated with Cheshire Medical Center can participate in clinical rotations as opportunities to practice under the guidance of a preceptor at Cheshire. Cheshire is affiliated with over 25 universities and training programs, including UNH, Dartmouth, Keene State College, and Yale. 

To request a clinical rotation at Cheshire, please use the student placement application below or ask your program’s clinical placement coordinator.


For more information about job shadowing or clinical rotations, please call the Student Placement Coordinator at 603-354-5454 x2609, or email