Center for Population Health

Center for Population Health: Advancing the health and well-being of the region.

Our Center for Population Health (CPH) embodies the best of Cheshire Medical Center; working in collaboration with other respected agencies and nonprofits to improve the health and well-being of people throughout the Monadnock region. While supporting population health initiatives like assessments and planning, CPH also offers community programs here at Cheshire, ranging from worksite wellness programs and assistance with obtaining health insurance to initiatives focused on mental health and substance abuse.

Our goals are to:

  • Connect people with effective resources, services, and programs
  • Foster relationships to speed progress and respond to emerging needs
  • Create awareness, policies, and environmental change in response to community issues
  • Provide education and information about advocacy for community health improvement

We are part of the Healthy Monadnock Alliance

Cheshire Medical Center has been dedicated to making our community healthier for more than two decades. It started with the Council for a Healthier Community in 1994 and continues today with the Healthy Monadnock Alliance, which brings together community agencies and organizations to effect change. Together, we’ve banned smoking in public spaces, increased the number of people who bike to work, and supported healthy lifestyles.

CPH works to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health grounded in a commitment to equity. The barriers to health and well-being vary for different population groups. Things like access to safe housing, affordable healthy food, and a livable wage are critical to good health. We and our partners work daily to make this a reality. 

CPH also plays a leading role in the Greater Monadnock Public Health Network (GMPHN), a community health and safety collaborative focused on improving public health-related services. The Community Health Improvement Plan, approved by the Leadership Council for Healthy Monadnock with staff support from the CPH, guides many health improvement efforts in this region.

Can Monadnock Region residents get help directly from any CPH programs?

Yes. We know that asking for help can be challenging. Even more difficult is knowing how to seek the information you need. Some of CPH’s programs help people directly and can point you in the right direction—toward health and wellness.

Contact us if you want to:

Learn more on our Community Programs page or contact us at 603-354-5460.