Patient Services

On-campus patient services

If you need help understanding or communicating with your doctor during your appointment, visit our Interpreter Services and Accessibility page. Help is available if English is not your first language, or if you have trouble reading or hearing during a doctor’s appointment.

To learn more about room service or the Art Nichols’ café, visit our Dining Services page.

If you are struggling to pay your medical bills, sign up for health insurance, or have other problems that prevent you from being healthy, ask your doctor about Prescribe for Health. You can also learn more about the supports and programs we offer on our Community Programs page.

Online patient services

Many of our patients find the myDH patient portal the most useful tool we offer to help access care. Learn more about myDH or Outpatient Virtual Visits.

If you need more information about financial assistance or medical records, each are managed by Dartmouth Health, of which Cheshire Medical Center is a member.

Online patient education

Emmi® Patient Education

Emmi is a company that specializes in patient education. Emmi programs are designed to help you and can be viewed in the comfort of your own home or anywhere that has Internet access. Each program takes about 20 minutes to watch and you can share them with your family and friends.

Some of the videos can be watched by anyone. Your doctor may also give you login information for videos specific to you. They could help you prepare for a procedure or manage a chronic condition.

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