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Prescribe for Health is a free program that helps you find the community-based supports you need to take charge of your own health.

Prescribe for Health’s Community Health workers support Cheshire Medical Center patients, who are our neighbors too.

How can Prescribe for Health staff help me?

Prescribe for Health staff work one-on-one with you to help identify what is getting in the way of your health. For example, we look at your income and life situation. We look at what help you already receive from the community. Then, we suggest other community-based supports so you can get more money back in your pocket.

Supports can include:

  • Filling out applications for assistance
  • Finding affordable childcare options
  • Finding affordable opportunities for exercise
  • Finding financial support to buy fruits and vegetables
  • Finding health care insurance coverage
  • Helping to end a tobacco habit
  • Helping make social connections in the community
  • Helping to pay for fuel
  • Helping to pay electric bills
  • Helping with transportation
  • Helping with housing
  • Lowering costs for prescription drugs
Ashley Rickey-Hale and her sons, Russell and Joshua, pick up a CSA share of fresh vegetables from Tracie’s Community Farm in Fitzwilliam.

Connecting Around Healthy Food

Ashley Rickey-Hale bonds with her sons while investing in their health, thanks to subsidized CSAs through the Prescribe for Health program.

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How do I get referred to Prescribe for Health?

Talk with your primary care provider (PCP) or other doctor about your home life. Let them know if you aren’t able to pay your bills, afford healthy food, afford a gym, or find reliable child care. Your provider can refer you to Prescribe for Health.

Once your provider has referred you to us, a Community Health worker will call you. They will ask you about the problems you face and help find solutions.

How can I meet with your staff?

Our staff will meet you where it’s most comfortable for you. They’ll talk to you on the phone or video, come to your home, or meet you at your doctor’s office.

How will your staff help me?

Together, you and our staff will figure out which financial supports could help increase your health. You'll look at the ways extra money could reduce your daily stress. Our staff can also help you call, apply for, or follow up with these services and supports. They are the bridge between you and the support that will build your health.

Community Health workers usually try to think outside of the box so you have more money to invest in yourself. That might include buying healthy fruits and vegetables. Or it might mean having extra money to care for other family members.

Continued support

Our staff will continue to meet with you for up to a six-month period. They'll make sure that you are connected to the services that best support you.

Respecting every person

We know that everyone has their own unique struggles. Each person deserves compassion, patience, and trust. This is especially true when you share sensitive information about health and finances.

We’re here for each of you. You’re our neighbors in this community. This help is all we do. You are in the driver’s seat, and we help you find the best resources for your situation.

Referring patients to Prescribe for Health

When primary care providers (PCPs) see non-medical issues affecting their patients’ health, they can refer patients to Prescribe for Health via their electronic medical record. This allows providers and the community to offer truly comprehensive care.

Prescribe for Health builds community connections

The connections that Population Health workers help you make can help strengthen your health. At the same time, the whole community becomes more resilient when people are healthier, less stressed, and able to care for each other.

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