Flu Vaccinations

2022/2023 Flu season and COVID-19

Getting a flu shot is important for your health and the health of our community. Symptoms of the flu can be similar to COVID-19 and both can lead to older or immunocompromised people being hospitalized with severe disease if you infect them when you become ill.

Even if you nurture your immune system with a healthy diet, lots of sleep, plenty of exercise, and great stress management, you may still become ill and contagious—putting less fortunate friends and neighbors at severe risk.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for more information about flu shots.

How do I get a flu shot?

  • Cheshire Medical Center Pharmacy: Walk-in regular and high-dose flu shots for current patients and employees, 6 days a week.
  • Primary Care: Vaccines are offered to all patients at the time of an existing visit.
  • Pediatrics Primary Care: Ask your child's provider during their appointment or call 603-354-6666 to schedule a flu shot appointment for your child.
  • Cheshire Medical Center's Nurse Clinic: Established Cheshire primary care patients will be able to book a Nurse Visit after all the public flu shot clinics have taken place.
  • Pharmacies: Almost all local pharmacies also offer flu shots.

Additional Reminders

  • If you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your appointment, contact your provider's team for recommendations at 603-354-6760.
  • If you have had an adverse reaction to a flu shot in the past, or if this is the first time you have had a flu shot, please call your primary care team for recommendations at 603-354-6760.
  • If you have an allergy to eggs, please call your primary care team for recommendations at 603-354-6760.
  • Your insurance company will be billed for this service.


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