Primary Care

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Llame al 1-833-625-9604 y un intérprete de español contestará e interpretará sus llamadas a cualquier Departamento del Centro Médico de Cheshire.

Primary care providers (PCPs) and the teams they lead provide most of your health care needs. This includes prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care. So, from yearly checkups to coordinating care for an injury or disease, we are your medical home team.

Even if you consider yourself a healthy person, having a primary care team is important because life happens. We are here to coordinate your care when you experience an accident or illness. The better we know you as a person, the more we can help you when you need it most.

Seven teams make up Cheshire Medical Center’s Primary Care department: our Pediatrics Department, four Family Medicine teams on our main campus, and Family Medicine clinics in Winchester and Walpole. These are supported by our nurse clinic and Urgent Primary Care Visit team (formerly Walk-In Care).

We offer many ways to access care

You can choose the type of care that meets your needs, from yearly physical exams to same-day appointments and Virtual Visits. Learn more about the different ways you can obtain primary care

We collaborate to give you the best care

At Cheshire, our PCPs lead coordinated teams so you can get the most of every appointment with us. Your whole  team works together to meet your health care needs. Everyone is kept on the same page—including specialists from other departments or Dartmouth Health locations.

Working together on your care gives us more time to understand and respect your unique needs, values, and preferences, so we can provide the best care for YOU.

Urgent primary care visits

Cheshire’s Urgent Visit services are part of primary care at Cheshire. We offer same-day in-person and virtual visits 365 days a yea. We are ready to treat everyday illnesses or injuries in need of immediate care. 

Access all your visits, records, and results in one place

We use electronic health records to help your whole team stay up to date on your healthcare needs. Make appointments, see test results, message your providers, and more through the myDH patient portal. Learn more about myDH.

Be our partner in your care

We support you and help you decide what care is best for you, but YOU are in charge of your health. Your wishes, values, and goals help us work together to create a care plan that works for you, so you can live healthy and well.

When you come for an appointment with us: 

  • Always bring questions and concerns.
  • Always tell us when you don’t understand something we’ve said—ask us to explain it a different way.
  • Bring a list of the vitamins, supplements, and medicines you use each time you come.
  • Please tell us if you have seen any doctors outside of Cheshire Medical Center so we can stay in the loop.
  • Let us know how we can help:
    • Are there things stopping you from being healthy or getting the care and medications you need? Tell us, we can often provide advice!
    • Do you have wellness goals that can help prevent you from becoming sick? Share them with us.

Help with managing care for chronic diseases

With a chronic disease such as high blood pressure or diabetes, keeping track of appointments and medications can sometimes seem overwhelming. Our team’s collaborative care nurses are here to help. They help make your appointments and reminders and check in with you to make sure you can manage your condition well.

If you have a hospital stay, your team’s care coordinator makes sure you have what you need to manage on your own when you get home. Find out how the members of your medical home team help care for you. 

Wellness for the whole person

Cheshire’s mission—to advance your health and wellness by delivering superb care and exceptional service—extends far beyond your visits with your primary care team. Our Center for Population Health engages in dozens of beneficial community programs, so we can support your good health in many areas:

  • Advance care planning helps you take charge of your health care in the event you are not able to make decisions on your own behalf.
  • The Doorway can help people or families experiencing an addiction crisis.
  • Family Resource Counselors can help you sign up for health insurance and other programs that can help you make ends meet when you are facing medical costs. 
  • Health + Wellness classes, stories, and email newsletters help you keep yourself healthy and well.
  • Population health workers can work one-on-one with you. They find community-based supports to help you deal with things that get in the way of your health.