Family & Community Care

Beginning October 9, 2023, Cheshire Medical Center primary care providers and faculty members of our Family Medicine Residency will transition their care from the main Court Street campus to our new Family & Community Care at 62 Maple Avenue in Keene.

Cheshire's new space will be a state-of-the-art family medicine clinic designed to provide an outstanding patient experience while also serving as an educational site for future family physicians. Starting in fall 2023, these Family Medicine Residency faculty physicians and nurse practitioners will begin seeing patients in the new clinic. Resident physicians will join the practice in July 2024.

To request a primary care provider at Family & Community Care call 603-354-3550. Learn more about choosing a new provider

A newly-renovated, full-service Family Medicine clinic

Family & Community Care will be the first clinic to open at Cheshire Medical Center's new West Campus on Maple Avenue. It is fully integrated with the rest of the Medical Center and the larger Dartmouth Health system, of which Cheshire is a member. We will continue to use the same electronic medical record and myDH, patient registration process, and billing department.

Our team will continue to care for patients of all ages, including newborn and pediatric patients, and anticipate providing pre-natal care services shortly.

The new clinic will have on-site laboratory facilities and integrated behavioral health services.

Family & Community care will also offer some expanded outpatient procedures, such as dermatologic, orthopaedic, and gynecological procedures.

One thing that will not change is our commitment to offering the high-quality primary care services our patients rely on and expect from us.

Since this is the first such program in our region, we anticipate many questions about what a residency training site is and how it may affect local medical care — your own care or that of the community.