Community Programs

The help you need, when you need it

As part of our commitment to improve the health and well-being of people in our communities, Cheshire Medical Center's Center for Population Health (CPH) and its many partners are proud to offer the following programs. Depending on your needs, simply click the appropriate links below for more information, or call CPH at 603-354-5460.

Why you might want our help

How do I name someone as my health care proxy? How do I plan for my care in the event I can’t advocate for myself?

Advance Care Planning

I can’t afford health insurance for my kids. Help me get assistance or find a doctor, dentist, or therapist.

Family Resource Counseling

I need help with my bills. I need assistance with food, childcare, and/or medications, and I don’t know where to turn.

Prescribe for Health

I need help with substance misuse and addiction.

The Doorway

I’m a senior looking for affordable, healthy meals and some company.

Senior Passport Program

My organization wants to implement or improve our wellness program.

Wellpowered Schools

We want provide our employees with a worksite wellness program.

Wellpowered Worksites