Visiting Cheshire Medical Center

Please check our Visitor Policy

Please review our current Visitor and Caregiver Policy prior to your visit.

Cheshire Medical Center entrances 

  • Main Entrance access for *patients and authorized caregivers and visitors, as allowed:
    • Monday through Friday: 5:30 am to 8 pm
    • Saturday and Sunday: 5:30 am to 6 pm 
  • Cafeteria/Employee Entrance access for Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation and Pain Management patients:
    • Monday through Friday: 5:30 am to 5 pm
  • Emergency Department Entrance:
    • Open 24 hours
  • Dartmouth Cancer Center Kingsbury Pavilion Entrance access for patients and authorized caregivers:
    • Monday through Friday: 6 am and 5 pm
  • West Entrance:
    • Monday through Friday: 7 am and 5 pm

*Patients entering through our Main Entrance who need a wheelchair:

  • If you need a wheelchair, please let a screener know and we will have one available at the Main Entrance.
  • If you need assistance while you are in the wheelchair, you can bring someone to your appointment to help you. This person qualifies as a "caregiver" under our visitor policy.
  • If you need staff assistance while you are in the wheelchair, please call 603-354-5454 x 4801 and we’d be happy to assist.
  • Please schedule extra time to get to your appointment if you need assistance.

Smoke-free campus

For the safety of patients and staff, please do not smoke anywhere on the Cheshire Medical Center campus. This includes parking lots and walking trails.

Zero tolerance policy

Cheshire Medical Center has a Zero Tolerance Policy for any type of aggression, including abusive language or verbal harassment, sexual harassment, threats of harm, or physical assault. Aggression may result in removal from the facility and/or prosecution. If you witness any of the above behaviors, please tell a staff member or call security on an in-house phone. Dial 0 for the operator or 5555 directly if the situation is urgent.


While Wi-Fi is available in many public areas of our medical center, it is not available throughout the building. Some patient care areas restrict usage of mobile devices. Please ask our staff for more information. Our hospital staff will assist in-patients who want to connect to loved ones through virtual visits on mobile devices.

Amenities at our medical center

Our retail pharmacy and chapel are available for those visiting Cheshire Medical Center. You can purchase fresh and made-to-order food during business hours and pre-packaged meals from vending machines after hours at the Art Nichols Cafe.

Walking paths

Generous donors have allowed us to build walking paths throughout Cheshire’s main campus. These paths offer a beautiful, tranquil retreat for patients, visitors, and staff. There are several benches in secluded areas along the paths.

Our main campus and trails also sit at the intersection of the Ashuelot Rail Trail and Jonathan Daniels Trail on the map at

A map of Cheshire Medical Center showing the walking paths

Download this map of Cheshire Medical Center parking and walking paths (PDF).