Why work at Cheshire?

Collage of Cheshire Medical Center staff

If helping people is important to you, and you’re looking for a job where your colleagues feel like family, Cheshire Medical Center is the place for you. Our employees take pride in working here, and we take pride in them.

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A commitment to excellence. A commitment to you.

Cheshire takes its commitment to the people of the Monadnock Region seriously. To best serve them, we hire team members who believe in our mission and want to make a difference.

We also take our commitment to our employees seriously. This has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 crisis. Every single staff member gets the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need. We screen all employees every morning. Safety—for our employees and our patients—is our number one concern.

We offer many job and career opportunities

It takes a village to staff a hospital: physicians and nurses, housekeepers and receptionists, therapist and radiologists, IT personnel and food service workers, laundry technicians, child care providers, and more. Check out our current job openings and see what opportunities we have for you.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute (WRI) offers apprenticeship and training programs that can help you launch or advance your career at Cheshire or throughout the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health system.

We are here to answer your questions

Benefits vary depending on position and location, but are consistently competitive. Our Human Resources staff can answer any questions about employment and career opportunities. Please contact us or read our FAQs.