Spiritual Care

The interfaith chaplains at Cheshire Medical Center are here to talk with you at any time. You do not need to identify as religious or spiritual; we sit with you to provide personal support—or just to listen. We are here for spiritual care, guidance, and to connect you with local religious communities.

We support patients as well as our own staff members.

You may want spiritual support for many reasons

When you or a loved one are facing health problems, you may seek our support for:

  • Anxiety or worry about the future
  • Celebration of opportunity, improvement or birth
  • Courage to face a condition or diagnosis
  • Family conflicts or difficulty communicating with loved ones
  • Physical suffering
  • Sadness or loneliness
  • Someone to listen to you and help you talk things through
  • The feeling that things are slipping away from you

We can meet with your family members or other loved ones, as well. 

Our chaplains are here to listen and to help

We recognize the worth and dignity of each person, and we want to offer spiritual care consistent with your own traditions and beliefs. Our job is to help you and your family draw upon your own spiritual resources to help in healing and recovery.

Even people who do not think of themselves as religious often find strength and comfort by personal attention to their spiritual needs. Relief can come simply by talking with someone who can understand your burden of care.

Spiritual care and guidance

People who have an active religious or other spiritual life frequently find support in familiar practices. We can join you for these. Prayer, meditation, reading of scripture, sacraments, and other observances can provide comfort, a sense of meaning, and relief from worries associated with illness.

Chaplains do not try to convert you to any particular faith, and we do not judge any spiritual practice you may follow. In fact, many patients and staff we talk with do not practice any religion.

If you have a faith tradition and want your local spiritual leader to know you are here, we can contact them with your permission. We want to connect you with the person who can provide you with the most comfort.

A place for quiet reflection

Just off the main lobby, you can find a quiet and comfortable prayer and meditation room. You and your loved ones may gather there to find strength, give thanks, pray, grieve, and reflect. You may find doctors, nurses, and other staff members there, as they find this a restful place to renew their energies. The room can also be used for religious rituals such as baptisms and memorial services.

Never hesitate to call on us

Chaplains are in the Medical Center most weekdays and are on call at night and on weekends. Any staff member is happy to page one of us for you.

Engaging a chaplain

For information or non-urgent referrals

A chaplain is in the hospital from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. Chaplains are available every day on a 24-hour on-call basis for help in emergency situations.

For urgent referrals

For referrals needing urgent attention contact the hospital operator at 603-354-5400 and request the chaplain be paged.