About myDH Patient Portal

Manage your Health Care with myDH 

Manage your health care with myDH, our patient portal. myDH, is free, secure and easy-to-use, so get connected today! Visit myDH.org and follow the simple directions. 

You’ll be on your way toward taking charge of your health care—when and where it’s convenient for you! Want easy access on your mobile device? After setting up your myDH account online, download the free MyChart mobile app.


myDH is not intended for emergencies.
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency room immediately.

What information is available through myDH?

  • Allergies 
  • Appointments
  • Dartmouth Health Billing estimates
  • Hospital admissions (provider notes, discharge summary, and attachments) 
  • Immunizations
  • Medical history
  • Medications
  • Office notes
  • Outpatient virtual visits
  • Problem list
  • Real-time billing information
  • Referrals
  • Test results

With myDH you can

  • Communicate with your health care team:
    • Receive appointment reminders
    • Receive text messages
  • Complete any needed health information questionnaires from home—no need to arrive extra early for your appointment
  • Have proxy access to another person’s health record—your child, another family member, or any other person, with proper legal documentation. 
  • Log into your scheduled outpatient virtual visits using a link to Zoom
  • Request, reschedule, or cancel an appointment
    • Directly schedule appointments for certain providers and services
    • Review and print notes made by your provider during each appointment
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Receive lab or other test results
  • Search our health library for information about medical conditions, diagnostic tests, prescription medications, and more
  • View billing and insurance information:
    • View and update insurance information
    • View your account balances and make payments online using a credit card
    • Request billing estimates

Get started at myDH.org

To register for a myDH account online, you will need an activation code. You should find this on your after-visit summary from your provider. If you can’t find your activation code, you can request one at myDH.org by clicking the “Create an Account” button and following the prompts.

Have questions about setting up an account?

Call the Cheshire Medical Center Patient Portal Concierge at 603-354-5454 ext. 2446.

You can also visit the myDH FAQ page.

Downloading the MyChart app

Note: Register online at myDH.org before you download the app.

  1. Download the free MyChart application from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store (search for “Epic MyChart”). If using an iPad, toggle to the iPhone app on the top of the iTunes store.
  2. Select the MyChart Application.
  3. Accept the Apple or Android License Agreement.
  4. Select either New Hampshire or Vermont as your provider's location.
  5. Select Dartmouth Hitchcock myDH from the options of available health care providers.
  6. Log in using your myDH account. (Remember: you must set up a myDH account before logging in to the mobile app.)

Need help downloading and activating the mobile app?

Call our technical support specialists at 603-695-2822 or visit the myDH FAQ page.

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