Choosing a New Provider

To establish care with a primary care provider (PCP) and their team, please call Panel Management at 603-354-6760 or email us at

Are you looking for medical records and release forms?

Please visit Dartmouth Health's Medical Records and Release Forms page for all Dartmouth Health locations. All existing Dartmouth Health patients can use myDH to view and share your medical records.

The PCPs who are accepting new patients at Cheshire Medical Center's Court Street campus, Family & Community Care on Maple Avenue, Winchester, and Walpole change frequently. When you view our family medicine and pediatric providers, please keep in mind that some may not be accepting new patients right now.

The information we need when you call

When you call, please provide the following information for each person for whom you are requesting a PCP:

  • Full names and dates of birth
  • Mailing address
  • Primary phone number 

Special requests

  • If there are one or two providers you prefer to work with, let us know. Not all providers are accepting new patients right now. We can let you know who is when you call us. 
  • Let us know if you have a strong preference for your PCP’s gender or location. For example, if you live in Winchester but work in Keene, tell us if you prefer a provider based in Keene rather than Winchester. 
  • Please tell us if you prefer the same provider as a family member who already has a Cheshire PCP, and include the name of that provider. We try to honor these requests whenever possible.
  • At Cheshire your provider and associate provider work in partnership to care collaboratively for their patient panel. You may also see specialized nurses or others on your primary care team for different needs, because we provide care based on an innovative Medical Home team model.

What happens next?

We need your medical records before we can schedule your first appointment. 

If you have received medical care in the last three years, we need your medical records from your former providers before we can schedule your first appointment. These allow your primary care team to review your previous medical history. To give you the best care, your new team needs to know all about conditions you may have, or have been tested for, as well as any treatment methods that have or have not worked in the past.

Due to HIPAA regulations your previous providers need a signed Release of Information form before they can send your medical records to us. This process can take up to six weeks. While we do send a paper form, you can speed the process by downloading a release of information form (PDF) and printing it yourself.

Mail the completed, signed form to us at the address below. Once we receive it, we send it to your former provider, ensure they received it, and follow up until we receive your records from them.

Cheshire Medical Center
Panel Management
580 Court Street
Keene, NH 03431

For more information, visit Dartmouth Health's Medical Records and Release Forms page.

Your new patient packet

Once you have chosen your new PCP, we send you a new patient packet with forms and information about the range of services we offer our primary care patients.

Please complete these forms and send them back in the postage-paid envelope provided in the packet. Our staff forwards the release of information form to your former providers.

When we receive your medical records, our staff will call you to set up your first appointment. Welcome to Cheshire Medical Center!