A good relationship with your health care team is vital. Feeling comfortable and asking questions helps you to be proactive about your health. That way, we can give you the best care and treatment for intimate health issues throughout your life. Our compassionate team is invested in you. We are here to listen, collaborate, and innovate to offer you a full range of sensitive, personalized, gynecologic care.

A team of experts collaborating for your care

Our Gynecology Department is a collaborative practice. That means, depending on your health care needs, your gynecology team may include a specialized advanced-practice nurse or doctor. These Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Clinics providers are supported by a large team of other medical professionals to give you the best care. Our providers are:

  • Women’s health nurse practitioners (WHNPs) - advanced-practice nurses who specialize in the comprehensive care of all women and people assigned female at birth
  • Obstetrician and gynecologists (OB/GYNs) - physicians who specialize in the medical and surgical care of people who have vaginas and high-risk births
  • Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) - advanced-practice nurses who specialize in low-intervention births and low-risk pregnancies

Need help paying for preventative exams and cancer screenings?
Visit New Hampshire’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Program or
call  603-354-5454 ext. 2114 to see if you are eligible for an exam at Cheshire.

Comprehensive gynecology services 

We will empower you with the knowledge you need to cultivate your own good health. Our full range of services helps us provide care for your individual needs, every step of the way. We offer:

  • Compassionate medical care for transgender and non-binary individuals
  • Counseling and follow-up for abnormal Pap results
  • Evaluation and treatment of problems like vaginal infections 
  • Evaluation and treatment of irregular, abnormal, or painful periods
  • Family planning and contraception 
  • Fertility evaluation, first-line therapies, and support for advanced treatment
  • Gynecologic cancer screenings and treatment
  • Gynecology for children and teens
  • Integrated behavioral health consultations
  • Menopause management counseling and therapies
  • Non-surgical and surgical treatment of pelvic floor disorders like prolapse
  • Routine exam and Pap testing
  • Sexual health diagnosis and therapy
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) counseling, testing, and treatment 
  • Testing for infection related to a sexual assault
  • Treatment for loss of bladder or bowel control

Proactive care at every age 

Find out what screenings, immunizations, and medical discussions you may need at each stage of your life. Then make decisions that best support your good health and well-being. Here’s what you should know.

Reclaiming your comfort and freedom

Many people experience pelvic pain, prolapse, or bladder problems, but these conditions are treatable. Allow our supportive, compassionate providers find the best solution for your most intimate concerns.

Connected to your care

Our team often coordinates with other experts as part of your personalized treatment plan. You can expect a seamless transition of care, whether it is provided by family medicine, specialists at Cheshire, or our colleagues at other Dartmouth Health locations, such as physicians in Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center's Transgender Health Program. You can access your records, make appointments, securely message your providers, and more through the myDH patient portal and MyChart app.

Sexual or violent assault

Health care after an assault is essential to your health and safety. Our Medical Forensic Care Team are here to care for you at any time of the day or night.

FAQs about seeking care after an assault >

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Breast and Cervical Screenings: Piece of Mind for You and Those You Love

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