Healthy Aging

A CVTC volunteer driver

Making Social Connections on the Drive To Appointments

By driving people to doctor's appointments, CVTC's volunteer drivers offer more than a ride—they give the gifts of independence, connection, and hope.

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Two Cheshire Medical Center nurses

Collaboration to Provide Patients Sensitive, Individualized Pelvic Health Care

Cheshire Medical Center can help if you are one of the 20 million Americans suffering from involuntary bladder control.

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Senior woman clutching chest

Heart Attack or Sudden Cardiac Arrest—How They Differ and What to Do

Learn about the differences between a heart attack and cardiac arrest.

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Senior citizen cooking at stove

Home Safety for Your Loved One With Alzheimer’s

Here's how to make your home safe for a family member with Alzheimer's.

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Son administering blood pressure test to father

Stroke: Prevention, Reaction, and Recovery

Here's how to recognize a stroke and tips on preventing it from happening.

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Illustration of father and son talking about father's care

Talking it Over—Conversations About Care

Talking with loved ones about their care can be tough. Get through it with these tips.

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Dancing and exercising

Brain Workouts

People of all ages can benefit from activities that help keep your brain healthy to improve focus, memory, and overall mental sharpness.

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Graphic urging people born between 1945-1965 to be tested for hepatitis C

Boomers: Get Screened for Hepatitis C

60 percent of people infected with hepatitis C don't know they have the virus.

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Healthy Eyes graphic illustration

9 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Tips for keeping your eyes healthy throughout your life.

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When it comes to finding the best resources, options, and support, you don't have to go it alone.

Resources and Support For Caregivers of Aging Loved Ones

Finding information about services and resources can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t quite know where to begin. Here are some great resources that can help you connect with local services and support.

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