Getting the Most Out of Your Next Virtual Visit: Five Tips

Woman writing while sitting in front of a computer

In addition to in-person visits, Cheshire Medical Center also offers virtual telehealth appointments. Often saving you time and money, you can have a Virtual Visit — whether the appointment is with your primary care provider, a specialist, or as part of an urgent visit — from the comfort of your own home or workplace. From registration through the actual visit, the process is simple, safe, and convenient.

Here are five helpful tips to make the most of your visit:

Download Zoom and test it

We use the free video conference app Zoom for our Virtual Visits. Before your appointment, take some time to make sure it's set up correctly, and you know how Zoom works. You can also connect to Zoom through a web browser on your computer, but it's often simpler to use your smartphone or other smart devices, such as a tablet or iPad.

The link to your Virtual Visit will be available in your myD-H patient portal. If you don't have a myD-H account, ask your provider's office to email or text the registration link to you.

Make sure you have a quality Internet connection

If you are on a smart device, we recommend connecting to your appointment via WiFi for the best chance of having a stable, uninterrupted connection during your visit. You can connect through your cellular network (such as 4G), but the connection may not be as strong or as reliable.

Check your lighting

You and your surrounding area should be well lit so your provider can clearly examine you. This tip may not seem important, but it can make a big difference.

Find a private, quiet area

Try to find a room where you can close the door if possible. A quiet area will also make it easier for you to hear each other.

Gather all necessary medical information before you connect for your appointment

This may include a list of medications and your injury or illness history. For example, if you scheduled an appointment because you've been having headaches, write down the dates of the most recent headaches. Also, please review the list of your medications on myD-H and note which ones you are or aren't taking. Information is power, and it's best to come prepared.