Healthy Eating

Older man eating watermelon

Honoring our veterans with the gift of healthy local food

Cheshire's Center for Population Health supports "thank you" gifts of free locally grown food for veterans at weekend farmers' markets in September

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Mother and daughter shop with a basket as a daughter reads the label on a jar

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Heather Ashcraft, MS, RDN, LDN, a registered dietitian at Cheshire, gives tips for eating on the cheap without losing sight of healthy nutrition.

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A cartoon heart and brain depicted next to one another, with an arcing arrow pointing from the heart to the brain, and another arrow from the brain to the heart

Taking Care of Your Heart Helps Your Brain

How you treat your heart in your 20s may help your brain when you’re in your 40s and 50s. That’s the finding of a new study that looked at data of 518 participants from a long-range study on heart health.

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Couple cooking as regular looking guy offers a taste of the dish to a lady

Don't wait for a crisis to love your heart: A dietitian’s top 5 tips

Amy Ansaldo, RD, provides nutrition education for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation patients at Cheshire.

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Woman in red shirt holding mirror, looking at her reflection

Rethinking regular drinking: Tips and tools to improve your well-being

Each day is an opportunity to begin again. Tricia Zahn, MPH, shares resources to help you assess how alcohol affects your life, understand your patterns with compassion, and make conscious choices for your health.

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Healthy cyclists high five

Four tips for successful healthy New Year's resolutions

As a family medicine provider, Karl Dietrich, MD, MPH support patients in making fresh-start resolutions to improve their health. He shares the most effective strategies for making lasting positive changes.

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Balanced snacks served on a plate

Balanced Snacks

Including one to two balanced snacks in your daily meal plan can help you feel your best, according to our expert, Ruth Goldstein, MS, RD. She shares her favorite snack recommendations and combinations to get you started with this new healthy habit.

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Foods that promote wound healing

Eating for Wound Healing

Michael Ormont, MD, wound care expert at Cheshire Medical Center explains how we can eat to support healing—from scrapes to chronic wounds.

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Couple preparing a healthy meal

Same Rules Apply: 7 Tips to Manage Metabolic Disorders

Ruth Goldstein MS, RD, outpatient registered dietitian shares the foundational principles for those with many of the most common health conditions in America.

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People sitting at a table of food, raising glasses in a toast.

Going Gluten-Free

What is gluten, and why do some people avoid eating it? Ruth Goldstein, MS, RD, took some time to share some information and resources on eating gluten-free.

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