Thriving with Health Conditions

A blonde woman holds the hand of an older woman, presumably her mother

The importance of advance care planning

Few want to burden loved ones with difficult decisions during times of emotional distress. You make decisions about your care for yourself by creating an advance care directive and designating a healthcare agent while you’re able.

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Two adults in winter gear looking happy and playful while on a walk in the snow

Top tips to manage stress and boost your immunity

Ongoing stress adversely affects your immunity and long-term health. Psychologist, Catherine Schuman, PhD, of Family & Community Care, offers advice for dealing with life's challenges.

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Vivek Venugopal, MD; Mia Qin, MD; and Charles Qin, MD

New orthopaedic surgeons a boon to bones in the community

Bringing specialized training and the latest techniques, new fellowship-trained surgeons elevate the level of care, accessibility, and expertise patients can expect at Cheshire.

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Neal Goldenberg, MD, examines a patient for a knee injury

ACL tears: Symptoms, surgery, and recovery

Neal Goldenberg, MD, chair of Sports Medicine at Cheshire, discusses treatment for one of the most common and devastating knee injuries that affects athletes, young and old, with a high prevalence among women.

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A  middle aged woman uses a walker in the kitchen as her teenaged daugter assists her with care.

5 tips for living well after a stroke

Following a stroke, people are forced to accept sudden changes in family roles, logistics, and life expectations and face down the unknown. Occupational therapist Cindi Zipoli, OT/L, helps patients navigate this transition and achieve meaningful recovery.

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Older man on job site clutches his shoulder in pain as he rotates it upward

Healing shoulder pain in the weekend warrior

From playing pickleball to painting a deck, repetitive activities can cause shoulder pain and injuries such as impingement syndrome. Neal Goldenberg, MD, director of Sports Medicine, discusses healing and returning to the activities you love.

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Senior man with sweater around his shoulders smiles into the distance as his wife hugs his shoulders and smiles with him.

Navigating memory loss: 6 tips to support your quality of life

Addressing a major concern in Cheshire County, Melissa Grenier, LCSW, of New Hampshire's Alzheimer's Association Chapter, shares advice for families navigating early-stage memory loss

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Healthy cyclists high five

Four tips for successful healthy New Year's resolutions

As a family medicine provider, Karl Dietrich, MD, MPH support patients in making fresh-start resolutions to improve their health. He shares the most effective strategies for making lasting positive changes.

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Group support

Three group support resources to improve your mental health

You don't have to bear your struggles alone—support from people who understand what you are going through can make all the difference.

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Man getting health insurance

The Marketplace is open: Signing up for health insurance

Find out what you need to enroll in health coverage for next year by Dec. 15. If you find difficult to navigate, make a phone appointment today with Cheshire Medical Center for help.

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