Family and Parenting

Deborah Hansen, MD, pediatrician, and Logan Freeman, RN, of Cheshire Medical Center care for Baby Ada Maynard with the help of D-H TeleICN.

A Lifeline for Newborns in Need

Cheshire Medical Center is among the New England hospitals supported by board-certified Dartmouth-Hitchcock neonatologists via Telemedicine during challenging births and the care of acutely ill infants.

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Kids outside, running through bubbles that are floating in the air

Catching Up on Your Kids' Care

As classes end and the pandemic wanes locally, it is time to catch up on your kids' essential preventative care, from screenings and shots to behavioral and mental health assistance.

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A person cooking

Meal Planning Made Easy

Ruth Goldstein, outpatient dietitian, offers tips and resources to help create simple routines that take the stress out of healthy eating at home.

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Mother breastfeeding her baby

Cheshire Medical Center Receives Prestigious Baby-Friendly Re-Designation

As a Baby-Friendly designated hospital, Cheshire provides an environment that supports breastfeeding while respecting every parent’s right to make the best decision for their family.

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Caregivers working at Cheshire Medical Center

CEO Letter to Community Calls for Kindness During Crisis

Cheshire Medical Center asks for patience, kindness, and proactive care while an influx of critically ill patients strains operations, causing the slowing or suspension of some services.

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Delaney Tenney receives her first shot at one of Cheshire Medical Center’s drive through pediatric vaccination clinics.

Cheshire Medical Center Experts Urge Action as COVID-19 Infections Surge

Amid a drastic increase in COVID-19 patients, Cheshire's infectious disease and community health experts address vaccination hesitancy and misconceptions while asking all community members to take personal safety measures.

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A man, sitting on a couch, covered with a blanket and coughing.

Is it COVID or a Cold? Self-Care Tips and the Best Way to Reduce Spreading Germs

Since COVID symptoms overlap with some allergy, cold, and flu symptoms, follow these tips to take care of yourself and limit spreading germs to others.

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Group of people sitting around a table, eating a meal

Start Eating Better During American Diabetes Month: 5 Easy Tips

Since 40% of us need to eat mindfully to prevent complications from diabetes, Registered Dietitian Rachael Lenthall offers sustainable steps for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

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A person's hands, being supported by others, holding a broken cigarette

The Great American Smokeout: How to Support Someone Who Wants to Quit Smoking

Quitting nicotine is extremely difficult. Good social supports can make a difference.

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Man using a mobile phone while sitting in front of a computer.

7 Easy Ways to Manage Your Health Care with myDH

Dana Carley, patient portal concierge at Cheshire Medical Center, gives tips on new and popular myDH and MyChart features, such as direct scheduling and messaging.

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