Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation

Outpatient physical rehab staff member with patient

Cheshire Medical Center offers a broad range of therapies for all ages and abilities. Many of our therapists are highly specialized or certified in distinct areas of practice. Your intake conversation or direct referral will help us place you with the best therapist to meet your individual needs. 

Meet our team of therapists

How can rehabilitation help with my daily life?

Your therapist will work with you to create an active, evidence-based treatment plan to meet your personal rehabilitation goals. We often treat people who have been injured or have physical or developmental disabilities. We also help athletes achieve higher levels of performance and prevent sports-related injuries.

If you have trouble moving around or performing physical daily activities with independence or ease, we can help. Whether you want to speak without a stutter, sit down without pain, or run a faster marathon, we will work hard to support and inspire you in your progress. Ask your primary care provider or your specialist for a referral. 

Rehabilitation takes hard work and commitment, but we will work towards your goals together so you can get back to what matters most to you.

Specialized therapies to meet your needs

Physical therapy 

Physical therapy helps build strength, regain mobility, and improve balance. It can also strengthen your body, reduce pain, and prevent future injury. You may need it to:

Speech therapy 

Speech therapy helps improve communication, speech, and swallowing. You may need it to:

  • Articulate language so people can understand you
  • Follow social communication rules, like taking turns or knowing how to stand while someone is talking to you
  • Help children manage communication challenges
  • Help improve memory and return to school after a concussion
  • Improve your ability to remember or solve problems
  • Learn to speak without a lisp
  • Match emotions with the correct facial expressions or body language
  • Match pictures with their meanings
  • Modulate your tone of voice 
  • Properly chew and swallow food, with the assistance of electrical stimulation or endoscopic evaluation​​​​
  • Speak fluently without stuttering
  • Understand spoken or written language

Occupational therapy 

Occupational therapy helps restore physical function and enhances your ability to perform daily activities. You may need it to:

  • Address behavior problems in children who act out
  • Bathe and get dressed by yourself
  • Build hand-eye coordination so you can hit a tennis ball 
  • Button your shirt, tie your shoes, get in and out of the shower, or cook dinner safely 
  • Do laundry or clean up around the house
  • Do your job, like computer work or fixing cars
  • Eat without help from others
  • Get a prescription for and learn how to use assistive devices, like raised toilet seats or wheelchairs
  • Get a recommendation to modify your home
  • Prevent injuries in the workplace
  • Take part in leisure activities, like playing with grandkids
  • Work on motor skills so you can grasp a pencil and write

Sports and athletics

We offer performance elevation and injury prevention for both casual and elite athletes. Call us at 603-354-6630 for more information or to learn about our running gait analysis. Many of our therapists specialize in orthopaedics and treating sports injuries, including concussions.

Outpatient programs and clinics

  • Aquatic therapy: Physical therapy in a pool to help restore your strength and movement through the use of buoyancy, resistance, and heat
  • Industrial rehabilitation: Intensive conditioning rehab tailored to the unique requirements of your job
  • LSVT BIG + LOUD: A special training program of LSVT Global for those with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions helps you move your body and use your voice more normally
  • Oncology rehabilitation: Therapy to restore function and quality of life for cancer patients through both treatment and survivorship
  • Pelvic health rehabilitation: Treating incontinence, overactive bladder, and other pelvic health issues like prolapse, constipation, or sexual dysfunction
  • Prosthetics & Orthotics Clinic: Assessment and rehabilitation for those needing braces, artificial limbs, or orthotic shoe inserts
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: A treatment, education, and exercise program giving those with chronic lung disease the skills, habits, knowledge, and support to live better
  • Running gait analysis: Assessment to improve your running technique, which will reduce stresses and your chance of injury
  • S.A.F.E. Fall Prevention Program: A fall reduction and balance retraining for those aged 65+
Shannon Brooks, wearing a custom-made shirt reading "Shannon Strong" stands with Sharil Cass, DPT, NCS, (right) and Jodi Salomon, PTA.

Shannon Brooks: Inspiring herself and others during recovery

Told she might never recover, Shannon sought a second opinion from specialized physical therapist Sharil Cass, DPT, NCS, at Cheshire and proved herself "Shannon Strong."

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