Outpatient Rehabilitation Team

Our skilled outpatient physical rehabilitation therapist team offers a broad range of specialties. These include orthopaedics, spine care, vestibular, balance, concussion, neurologic disorders, stroke, amputee, industrial therapy, and pelvic health. We are proud that so many of New Hampshire’s therapists with prestigious certifications work right here at Cheshire Medical Center.

We can match you with a therapist who can best meet your needs. We can offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs that combine a range of therapies. Most often, specialists focus on helping patients recover from or fully live with a specific injury or disability. However, some of our therapists also offer performance enhancement and injury prevention for athletics.

Occupational therapy

Sara Hamilton, OT, CHT*
Areas of focus: Occupational therapy, hand therapy

Tina Heath, OT*
Areas of focus: Stroke rehabilitation

Letitia Pellerin, OT

Haley Plifka Bordner, OTR/L*
Areas of focus: Neurological disorders

Joan Van Saun, OT*
Areas of focus: Industrial rehabilitation, functional capacity evaluation, work conditioning, worksite evaluations

Mollie Torrey, OT*
Areas of focus: Occupational therapy, hand therapy

Cynthia Zipoli, OT*
Areas of focus: Occupational therapy

Physical therapy

Jessica Blanchard, PT, DPT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, care of pregnant and postpartum women as well as treatment of pelvic floor disorders

Natalie Boucher, PT, Cert-MDT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics

Sharil Cass, PT, DPT, NCS*
Areas of focus: Neurologic/vestibular and balance, amputee

Janet Chamberlin, PT, WCS*
Areas of focus: Pelvic floor disorders in women and men, post prostatectomy treatment, care of pregnant and postpartum women

Penny Curran, PTA*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics

Catherine Fabbri, PT, ATC, DPT, Cert-MDT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, sports medicine

Katherine Flood, MSPT*
Areas of focus: LVST BIG, neurologic disorders, vestibular rehabilitation

Nancy Graham Lynch, PTA, LMT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, manual therapy

Jim Hall, PT, DPT*, OCS*, COMT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, spine therapy, scoliosis

Katie Hilo, PT, PCS
Area of Focus: Pediatrics, Aquatics, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Orthopaedics.

Elizabeth Lehr, PT, DPT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics

David Luscombe, PT, Cert-MDT*, Cert-DN*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics

Heather McGonnell, PT, DPT*
Areas of focus: Neurologic and Balance, Orthopaedics

Maria Oberlander, PT, Cert-MDT, MS, OCS*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, sports medicine, breast cancer rehabilitation

Shannon O'Neil, PTA*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics,

Lynn McLean, MSPT*, Cert-DN*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, sports medicine

Jodi Salomon, PTA*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, neurologic disorders

Nathan Sanderson, PT, DPT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics

Keith Sayball, PT, DPT, Cert-DN/CDNT, Cert VRS*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics, dry needling, vestibular rehabilitation

Ashley Shultz, PTA
Area of Focus: Geriatrics, Oncology Rehab

Brian Stoning, PT, Cert-MDT*
Areas of focus: Vestibular and balance disorders, post-concussion syndrome, orthopaedics

Kara Stoning, MSPT*
Areas of focus: Neurological and balance disorders, comprehensive program

Patricia Toomey, PT*
Areas of focus: LSVT BIG, Wheelchair Clinic

Martha Wilmot, PT, Cert-MDT*
Areas of focus: Orthopaedics

Speech-language pathology

Meredith Matuszewski, CCC-SLP*
Areas of focus: Aphasia, Parkinson’s disease, dysphagia, cognitive disorders, LSVT-Loud

Kathleen Lavallee, CCC-SLP*
Vital Stim electrical stimulation provider and LSVT - Loud Certified

Wendy Platt, CCC-SLP*
Areas of focus: Aphasia, apraxia, dysphasia, dysarthria, cognitive disorders, communication disorders

*Outpatient Rehabilitation Certification Definitions

ATC: athletic trainer, certified
CCC-SLP: certificate of clinical competence speech-language pathology
CDNT: certified dry needling therapist
Cert-MDT: certified in the McKenzie Method®
Cert-DN/CDNT: certified in dry needling
Cert VRS: certified vestibular rehabilitation specialist
CHT: certified hand therapist
COMT: certified orthopedic manual therapist
CMP: certified Mulligan Concept practitioner
DPT: doctor of physical therapy
LMT: licensed massage therapist
MSPT: master of physical therapy
OT: occupational therapist
OTR/L: occupational therapist registered/licensed
PT: physical therapist
PTA: physical therapy assistant
WCS: women’s certified specialist