Before Your Appointment


Please register in central registration in the Main Lobby at least 15 minutes before your first appointment. Most doctors send us an electronic referral, but if your doctor gave you a paper referral, please bring it with you. You only need to visit registration for your first rehab appointment for each treatment plan.

Rescheduling or canceling rehabilitation appointments

Please tell us 24 hours in advance if you need to change or cancel a scheduled appointment by calling 603-354-6630.

If an emergency arises within the 24-hour period before your appointment, please call our department at this number as soon as possible. Three missed appointments or non-medical cancellations will result in termination of your treatment.

Initial evaluation and personalized treatment plan

Your referral or intake conversation will help us determine which therapist best matches your needs.

During your first visit, your therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your abilities and goals. This will take about an hour. Then your therapist will create a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your best level of recovery. 

You may be able to start a therapy session during your initial appointment if time allows. Your evaluation and therapy are billed separately so there may be charges for both services on your first visit.

Insurance coverage

Most insurance companies need a referral or pre-authorization for rehab therapy coverage. Please call your insurance company to verify. 

Referral and medical records

If your referring provider is not part of the Dartmouth Health system, ask them to fax all notes related to the condition you need treatment for to our office at 603-354-6636. Your medical history can influence your treatment.

Fees and copays

You will pay for your copay at your appointment. You are responsible for knowing your insurance coverage, applicable deductibles, and copays. Fees will vary upon the nature and length of each visit, and initial evaluations and therapy are billed separately.

Medicare patients

Medicare policy dictates that you must see your physician frequently to keep coverage for a condition under Medicare. Your therapist will provide your physician with appropriate progress reports; however, you must schedule a follow-up visit with your physician to follow Medicare rules.


COVID-19: Some entrances may be restricted to assist with screening. Please check our current visitor policy for more information.

Park in the front lot for your first visit so you are closest to central registration. For later visits, you may prefer to park in the spots designated for rehab patients in the lot at the back of the hospital. You can then enter through the employee/cafeteria entrance by our patio. Let us know if you need special parking arrangements.


You will be moving around, so we recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothes and comfortable shoes. Please wear or bring clothing that allows your therapist to access the part of your body they are treating. If you are scheduled for aquatic therapy, please bring your own bathing suit and towel. We provide changing rooms with lockers for aquatic therapy.


Please do not bring young children into treatment areas unless they are being treated. Please plan to make sure your children are supervised at all times.