Team Cheshire

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention (MCVP) Award Winners Kelsey Page and Lindsey Cushing stand outside Cheshire Medical Center with their awards.

Lindsey Cushing and Kelsey Page Honored by Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention (MCVP)

The certified SANE nurses proposed a program that would expand their services to children and domestic violence survivors, then offer outpatient follow-up care.

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Ashley Copeland

Ashley Copeland: Making Operating Rooms Less Scary

Her colleagues’ compassion—for patients and each other—motivated Ashley to join Team Cheshire after graduation, exploring a plethora of interesting roles in nursing.

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Tiffany French

Tiffany French: Bringing the Best Care to Patients

Returning home to be a care coordinator, Tiffany’s own challenging experience with medical care inspired her to help patients navigate complex care here at Cheshire.

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The Center for Population Health team at Cheshire Medical Center

Q & A: What is Population Health and Why Does it Matter?

Inspired by Cheshire Medical Center’s early commitment to our community’s health, Shawn LaFrance now calls the Monadnock Region home.

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Mary Pierce, BSN, RN, infection preventionist, and Aalok Khole, MD, infectious diseases physician at Cheshire Medical Center.

Aalok Khole, MD, and Mary Pierce, BSN, RN, Receive Inaugural RISE Award

The RISE (Resolve, Integrity, Sacrifice, Exceptional Service) to the Occasion award recognizes individuals who stepped up in an extraordinary way during a crisis.

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A mother holding a sick child

Family Resource Counseling Helps with Insurance and Health Care Costs

If you're facing financial barriers to catching up on your kids' healthcare this summer, Ruth Abbott is in your corner and here to help.

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Calvin Seppala

Calvin Seppala: A Passion for Working with People

Drawn to Cheshire Medical Center's excellent work culture, Calvin found nursing is his dream career, doing one of the "hardest and most useful things" he can.

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Benjamin Croteau

Benjamin Croteau: Keeping the Community Safe

As a security officer, Ben's prior experience in retail and the U.S. Marines help him keep our campus safe with kindness and compassion.

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Edith Chase

Edith Chase: Taking Pride in Food

As team leader in Nutritional Services, Edith feels like she is conducting an orchestra with a committed and creative team who strive for success in all they do.

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Tessa Morey

Tessa Morey: Making a Difference for Patients

As both an environmental services technician and transporter, Tessa views every day at Cheshire Medical Center as another opportunity to brighten someone's day.

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