Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19

D-HH Launches Third Installment of its Virtual Roundtable Series as Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic Continue

“Heads Up: Coping Through COVID-19” is a pre-recorded series of virtual conversations featuring D-HH mental health experts, community partners and other experts offering information and tips for people of all ages

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Concerned woman

Taking Care of Yourself When a Loved One is Suffering from Substance Use Disorder

Setting boundaries can be the hardest and most important thing to do.

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Laurie Butz-Meyerrose

Comprehensive Help for Substance Use Disorder

The Doorway at Cheshire Medical Center now offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combined with face-to-face counseling and reporting via phone app, to provide a comprehensive patient-centric treatment program.

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Woman with eyes closed

Mind Racing with Worry or Stress? Try to S.T.O.P.

Finding time to stop, come down from the worried mind, and get back into the present moment can help ease stress's negative effects.

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Lindsey Cushing, WHNP, SANE-A, and Kelsey Page, RN, SANE-A, work in Cheshire's Women's Health department and are part of a team providing Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) exams in the Emergency Department.

Raising Awareness About Sexual Assault: SANE Care

The nurses who form Cheshire's SANE team provide specialized, trauma-informed care to people who have been sexually assaulted.

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the behavioral health team at Cheshire Medical Center

Cheshire Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Team Supports the Mental and Emotional Needs of Patients

The Behavioral Health Team supports the mental health of Cheshire Medical Center patients.

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Woman looking up in hope

What is Resilience and Why Does Having More of it Matter?

Being able to bounce back from adversity is a primary path to improved well-being.

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illustration of woman practicing yoga and self care

Taking Care of You

Paying attention to your health and wellbeing is especially important for caregivers.

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Dancing and exercising

Brain Workouts

People of all ages can benefit from activities that help keep your brain healthy to improve focus, memory, and overall mental sharpness.

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Woman Looking Up in Gratitude

7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Here are 7 things you can do to live gratefully, learn, grow, and extend ourselves with care and compassion towards others.

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