Breast Care Center

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When you need world-class treatment and follow-up care close to home, our breast care team is here for you. From the moment we meet you, through survivorship and beyond, you receive comprehensive and personal care.

Cheshire Medical Center's Nationally Accredited Breast Care Center is recognized for excellence yet small enough to feel like family. We draw on the skills of a wide group of experts who treat you like the unique person you are.

We offer advanced treatments, an award-winning surgeon, state-of-the-art equipment, and access to clinical trials through Dartmouth Cancer Center. We also pride ourselves on compassionate comprehensive care, which your breast care coordinator helps you navigate every step of the way.

Schedule a mammogram

Visit our appointments and referrals page for more information. Find out if you qualify for a free mammogram at New Hampshire Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.

How we can help

Addressing a breast problem may feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

We offer:

From the day my primary care physician confirmed the lump in my breast and scheduled a mammogram right away, all the way through physical therapy—every single person who cared for me was just incredible.

Jan Ray-Thompson, OT and breast cancer survivor

Getting started

If you have a problem with your breast, your first step is to meet with us. During your visit, your doctor may also discuss ways to support your health through diet, exercise, and wellness resources.

Learning more with advanced screenings

Once you and your doctor discuss your possible breast problem, specialized tests may help to gather detailed information for your treatment. You will benefit from leading-edge screening capabilities more often found at large, urban medical centers.

Cathy Schlichting

Now in Remission, Cathy Schlichting Received World-Class Breast Cancer Care Close to Home

Cathy shares why she chose Cheshire’s nationally accredited Breast Care Center for her care.

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Your team of breast care experts

Integrated care comes from the skills and talents of many providers throughout our medical center. It’s care that comes from a team made up of people who can address the unique needs of your condition and well-being. It’s care that starts at the moment you meet us and continues through survivorship and beyond.

Integrated care also means there’s a lot happening on your behalf to give you the most up-to-date care possible. Your doctor may consult with colleagues to get second and third opinions on your treatment. At regular meetings of the Tumor Board, a group of providers—doctors, nurses, social workers, and more—discuss the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. The process is both rigorous and collaborative. The result? You benefit from the knowledge and experience of a wide group of experts, including those who may not be directly involved in your care.

Depending on your needs, the team collaborating on your care may include:

H.E. Guy Burman, MD, General Surgeon

Ask the Expert: Breast Self-Care

H.E. Guy Burman, MD, medical director of the Breast Care Center at Cheshire Medical Center, discusses breast health and cancer screenings and offers helpful resources.

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