Community Health Spotlights

Concerned woman

Taking Care of Yourself When a Loved One is Suffering from Substance Use Disorder

Setting boundaries can be the hardest and most important thing to do.

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Laurie Butz-Meyerrose

Comprehensive Help for Substance Use Disorder

The Doorway at Cheshire Medical Center now offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combined with face-to-face counseling and reporting via phone app, to provide a comprehensive patient-centric treatment program.

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Hughston Chumley and Sue Tempesta

Finding Friendship Along the Way

Hughston Chumley and Sue Tempesta developed a friendship as they walked and talked through the Right This Way wellness challenge.

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A CVTC volunteer driver

Making Social Connections on the Drive To Appointments

By driving people to doctor's appointments, CVTC's volunteer drivers offer more than a ride—they give the gifts of independence, connection, and hope.

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Doctor celebrates with patient

Working Together for Your Heart Health

Excellent on-site services and innovative partnerships within Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health make Cheshire Medical Center your source for superb cardiac care.

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Nurse with YMCA official in gym

Partnership With Keene Family YMCA Supports the Goals of Cheshire Medical Center Patients to Increase Physical Activity

Unique partnerships help Cheshire Medical Center connect patients with ongoing health programs.

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Worksite Wellness Program Advisors

Worksite Wellness: A Positive Impact Felt By Our Whole Community

Cheshire Medical Center's Worksite Wellness Advisors collaborate with local organizations to improve wellness in the workplace.

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Katherine Cox, PFAC Advisor

Volunteer Members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council Bring Important Input and Perspective

Cheshire Medical Center's Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) helps us strengthen the partnerships we have with our patients and the communities we serve as we continue to improve our efforts to provide high value care, close to home.

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Poster image for Activity is Good Medicine Exercise Program

Activity is Good Medicine: A New Program to Support Patients on Their Journey to Better Health

Activity Is Good Medicine is a program available to patients of Cheshire Medical Center whose healthcare provider has prescribed increased physical activity as a component of their health care plan.

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Medication Assistance Program Coordinator Hayley Compos, left, with Donald Mazanowski, MD, of Family Medicine Team B at Cheshire Medical Center

Patient-Centered Care That Goes Beyond The Examination Room

Learn about some of the ways in which providers are taking a broader view of treating patients with supports through the Center for Population Health at Cheshire Medical Center.

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