Your Inpatient Rehabilitation Team

With you every step of the way

Physical therapist with patient

As a patient in our inpatient rehabilitation unit, you have a team of medical professionals with diverse specialties working with you to meet your unique needs. Led by a physiatrist, who specializes in comprehensive treatment, your team is deeply committed to your goals. We all work hard to support and inspire you as you progress toward them, together.

The people in your core rehabilitation team remain the same throughout your stay. This team can also expand to include other medical professionals within Cheshire Medical Center and the Dartmouth Health system. By the time you are well on your way to going home, your whole team has grown to feel like family.

Claire Simpson shows off her strength as she reconnects with Occupational Therapist Cindi Zipoli.

Trusting Relationships Help Patients Reach Their Rehabilitation Goals

Whether the need is acute inpatient therapy, or outpatient therapy, Cheshire Medical Center provides adults and adolescents comprehensive individualized care to help patients achieve their rehabilitation goals and get back to what matters to them.

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Depending on your individual needs, your rehabilitation team may include:

  • Patient and family: Getting you back on your feet starts with you, but your loved ones and caregivers can also be crucial team members
  • Physiatrist: Designs and coordinates your treatment plan, and works with you and your family to help you set and reach your goals
  • Rehabilitation nurse: Assists you in achieving maximum independence, with a special focus on medical care, prevention of complications, and patient and family education
  • Physical therapist: Works with you to reach your goals related to movement, muscle strength, joint function, balance, and coordination
  • Occupational therapist: Helps you restore function related to activities of everyday living
  • Speech therapist: Works with you to address problems related to cognitive, communication, and swallowing issues
  • Recreation therapist: Works with you and your family to coordinate therapeutic recreation programs to help promote social skills and leisure activities
  • Social worker: Acts as a liaison for you, your family, and your rehabilitation team; then provides support and coordination of discharge plans and referrals.
  • Behavioral health team: Supports the emotional needs of you and your family through the process of treatment and helps address issues such as depression and adjustment to disability
  • Licensed nursing assistants: Provide around-the-clock care for your medical needs and physical wellbeing