Guidelines for Admission and Referral

Here are the guidelines for patient admission to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Cheshire Medical Center.

Requirements for admission

  • Patient would benefit from an intensive interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation; requiring two or more therapy disciplines (PT, OT, SLP).
  • Patient demonstrates a sufficient ability to achieve measurable functional improvements.
  • Patient must be adequately medically stable. Their medical needs can be managed safely while they participate in required therapy sessions.
  • Patient must be willing and able to tolerate a minimum of 3 hours of intensive therapy 5 days a week (with limited exceptions).
  • Patient demonstrates a willingness to participate in the rehabilitation process.
  • Patient requires daily physician oversight.
  • Patient requires 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care.
  • Patient is willing and able to participate in the rehabilitation program cognitively, behaviorally, and medically.
  • Patient will require a minimum of a 5-day stay in the Inpatient Rehabilitation facility.
  • Possibility of the patient’s safe community discharge is a rehabilitation priority.

The Inpatient Rehabilitation admissions team at Cheshire Medical Center

  • Would like to review referrals for patients who are currently below their functional baseline. Our team will then determine if the patient meets all of the requirements for our program.
  • Will consider for admission patients referred with any medical diagnosis; there are no exclusions.

Medical stability

Patients are not considered medically stable for transition to inpatient rehabilitation if they:

  • Have unstable vital signs.
  • Require telemetry.
  • Have medical or psychiatric issues that would prevent full participation in the program.
  • Require physical restraints.
  • Are receiving IV medications that require monitoring (example: cardiac, blood pressure, pain).
  • Require a ventilator.
  • Require a 1-on-1 sitter (rare exceptions).

To make a referral

Contact the Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit Admissions team

Phone: 603-354-6633

Fax: 603-354-6724

Please send the following information:

  • Case Management evaluation and notes.
  • Current medication list.
  • Demographics sheet.
  • History and physical.
  • Most recent therapy treatment notes.
    • Must include mobility and ADL status.
    • Must have occurred within 2 days of referral.
  • Physician consultation and progress notes.
  • Pertinent labs, vitals, and imaging reports.
  • Therapy evaluations (PT/OT/SLP as appropriate).