Preparing for Birth

If you are in labor, please call ahead: 603-354-6640 ext. 1

Specialized care when and where you need it

Please check our current visiting policy, as it changes in response to current COVID-19 conditions. The safety of our patients and staff is always our priority.

Our certified nurse midwives (CNMs) deliver the majority of children born at Cheshire Medical Center; however, if you need a cesarean section (C-section) or further medical support, our obstetrician and gynecologists (OB/GYNs) will collaborate closely with your birth team to offer specialized care.

You can also rest assured that your birthing team has real-time access to neonatologists at the Dartmouth Health Children's via a TeleICN video conferencing console, should your newborn need further assistance.

We emphasize babies going right to their parents during delivery. We do everything reasonable and safe to not interfere with the first few minutes of bonding.

Linda (Mindy) Glasschroeder, BSN, RNC-OB, CBC, Director of OB/GYN Services at Cheshire Medical Center

Pregnancy and birth education

Our team is committed to helping you make informed choices and helping you and your baby get a safe and healthy start. Even if this is not your first pregnancy, taking part in classes can help you feel ready to take the best care of your new child. For more information, visit our Childbirth Education page, view the class schedule in our calendar.

Cheshire doulas

We encourage you to add a doula to your family’s birthing team—whether you experience a natural birth or C-section, and want Reiki and massage for pain management or an epidural. These volunteers aim to provide you and your partner with continuous physical, emotional, and informational support during your labor. The invaluable service these doulas offer, in partnership with our CNMs, contributes to the uniquely special experience of giving birth at Cheshire Medical Center.

  • Highly trained professionals. For 20 years, a group of volunteer doulas has worked in partnership with Cheshire’s labor and delivery team in providing family-centered care, supporting safe, memorable, and empowering birth experiences. Each undergoes considerable initial and ongoing training to provide non-medical support for expecting parents during labor and delivery.
  • Supporting your unique birthing experience. Doulas provide you with encouragement, information, and a wide range of comfort and relaxation techniques such as massage, visual imagery, and aromatherapy. Research shows that doula-supported deliveries require less medication and fewer cesarean births, and, therefore, easier recoveries.
  • Helping your loved ones help you. Supporting you includes listening to the needs and concerns of your partner and family, offering ideas for them to better support you, and providing them breaks when needed. This allows you uninterrupted support during labor. Labor and birth can be challenging for them too, and the presence of a doula has been shown to create a better experience for everyone involved.
  • Request a doula, free of charge. Please meet with the doula coordinator or one of the doulas before your due date to talk about birthing. Contact the doula program by email or phone (see the Contact us button in the upper-right of this page).

Under special circumstances, you may be assigned a doula to follow you through pregnancy and delivery. Speak to your provider and a referral will be made for you. You can expect to hear from your doula soon after. 

A family-friendly atmosphere

Beyond hydrotherapy tubs and doula assistance during birth, we offer a quiet and restful postpartum recovery for you and your family. Your newborn will stay in the room with you, and you will have easy access to the nurse station and a kitchen facility. One of our Certified Lactation Consultants will be available to assist you and your child in establishing good breastfeeding habits. If you are interested in taking a tour and meeting our staff, please call us at 603-354-6640.

Deborah Hansen, MD, pediatrician, and Logan Freeman, RN, of Cheshire Medical Center care for Baby Ada Maynard with the help of D-H TeleICN.

A Lifeline for Newborns in Need

Cheshire Medical Center is among the New England hospitals supported by board-certified Dartmouth-Hitchcock neonatologists via Telemedicine during challenging births and the care of acutely ill infants.

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What’s next?

Going Home: Going home after your baby is born can include our regionally-renowned lactation support, postpartum education and exercise, and a seamless transition to your child’s pediatric care.