COVID-19 Vaccination

Please avoid calling your provider's office directly for information about the vaccine. Cheshire Medical Center is NOT registering patients for vaccination appointments or establishing a waitlist at this time. 

Our top priority is for you to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. Vaccination plans are evolving quickly, and we have been part of many conversations with the State of New Hampshire to better understand their distribution plans and how we can assist this effort. New information about the state's vaccine distribution is still being released, and we appreciate your understanding and patience. 

While Phase 1B begins on Friday, January 26th, we anticipate that vaccinations for this phase will continue through March, at which time additional people will be eligible to receive the vaccine. 

We have high hopes for this vaccine as another important step—along with mask-wearing, physical distancing, and handwashing—in ending this pandemic. 

New Hampshire residents eligible for vaccination in Phase 1B 

COVID-19 vaccinations for New Hampshire residents in "Phase 1B" at State public vaccination sites will begin Tuesday, January 26, and continue through late spring, as vaccine supplies become available.

People 65 years and older

New Hampshire residents 65 years and older will be able to register and schedule appointments with the State public vaccination clinics at or by calling 2-1-1 beginning Friday, January 22. 

Appointments at state-run vaccination sites will begin starting January 26 and will depend on the availability of the vaccine as it is distributed to the State. It is expected appointments for people in this stage will be scheduled through late March.

Medically vulnerable patients, ages 16 through 64

  • You do not need to call your provider at this time. 
  • Cheshire Medical Center will pre-register patients at a significantly higher risk from COVID-19 with the State. You will not need to contact your provider for a doctor's note or attestation.
  • You will receive an invitation to make an appointment by email, myD-H patient portal, or phone in the weeks to come. This process may take some time.
  • Please make sure the email and phone number in your myD-H patient portal are correct or register for an account today.
    • If using a browser on a computer: Log in, click "Profile" at the top, then click "Personal Information." If you need to, click "edit" on Contact Information and don't forget to click "Save" after correcting your information.
    • If using the MyChart App: Log in, press the 3 dot menu icon in the top right of your screen, then press "Account Settings." If you need to, press "Update Email and Phone" and don't forget to press "Save" at the top right of your screen after correcting your information. 

View the list of underlying high-risk medical conditions (PDF) to be included in New Hampshire's Phase 1B (adapted from the CDC).

In some cases, if you do not meet eligibility for Phase 1B vaccination by having 2 or more of the specified high-risk health conditions, you may still be a part of the Phase 1B group if your provider confirms that you are at significant risk for severe illness due to certain health conditions. 

Caregivers for medically vulnerable people under the age of 16

  • Currently, COVID-19 vaccines are not authorized for distribution to people under the age of 16, however, caregivers of medically vulnerable people in this age range are eligible in Phase 1B. We will update this section when we have more detailed information from the State regarding how you may schedule your vaccine.
  • Please make sure your contact information in the Account Settings of your myD-H patient portal is up to date. Learn more about myD-H proxy accounts for caregivers.

Staff and residents at residential facilities for persons with disabilities and corrections officers and staff working in correctional facilities

If the residential facility you are affiliated with or your employer have not registered you for a vaccine appointment, you may register and schedule appointments with the State public vaccination clinics at or by calling 2-1-1.

If you are not a New Hampshire resident

While we would like to be able to vaccinate all of our patients, due to NH State allocation requirements, we are unable to vaccinate residents from other states at this time. We are carefully monitoring other state guidelines so that we are able to provide information as it becomes available.

Where can I get more information about authorized COVID-19 vaccines?

D-HH's frequently asked questions are a great place to start

The CDC has published important facts surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. Explore those here.

Interviews and updates

1/15/21 Dr. Khole and Ryan Hornblower conducted a Facebook Live Q&A session about vaccination on The Keene Sentinel's Facebook page. Read a condensed transcript of the Q&A here.

12/18/20 D-HH Webinar: Watch COVID-19 Vaccines: Science, Safety, Efficacy and Distribution: Grand Rounds, Part One and Part Two.

12/12/20 Dr. Khole was a guest on Mayor George Hansel's WKBK Weekend radio show on Saturday 12/12. Listen to the 20 minute interview.

12/11/20 Aalok Khole, MD, infectious disease specialist, and Don Caruso, MD, president and CEO of Cheshire Medical Center gave an informative interview and answered callers' questions on WKBK's Good Morning with Dan Mitchell.  Listen to the radio show from 12/11.

Recommended resources

If you have further questions about your state’s vaccination plans: