Trauma / Fracture Care

Cheshire Medical Center’s orthopaedics trauma team focuses on caring for you when you have broken a bone, dislocated a joint, or are suffering other joint pain due to an injury. We most often see you in Cheshire’s Emergency Department or follow up on a visit to our Walk-In Care Clinic. We also specialize in treating post-traumatic deformity and bones that have not healed correctly.

Latest treatments and procedures

Some of the treatments we provide include:

  • Bone grafting: a surgical procedure to repair damaged bones using transplanted bone
  • Casting: protecting your broken bone or other injury using a cast made of fiberglass or plaster
  • Splinting: immobilizing a limb that may be broken or severely sprained to prevent further injury
  • Surgery: depending on the severity of the fracture, surgeon chooses the appropriate treatment method

Collaboration for the best care

Cheshire’s orthopaedics team often coordinates with other experts as part of your personalized treatment plan. Whether your care is provided by other specialists at Cheshire or our colleagues at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, you can expect a seamless transition of care.

All of your providers within the Dartmouth Health system coordinate your care with electronic records. You can access these records, contact any of your providers, coordinate appointments, and more with the myDH patient portal.

Others included in your care plan may be: