Thriving with Health Conditions

Man using a mobile phone while sitting in front of a computer.

7 Easy Ways to Manage Your Health Care with myD-H

Dana Carley, patient portal concierge at Cheshire Medical Center, gives tips on new and popular myD-H and MyChart features, such as direct scheduling and messaging.

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Woman writing while sitting in front of a computer

Getting the Most Out of Your Next Virtual Visit: Five Tips

A few preparations ahead of your appointment can set you up to have a successful telehealth Virtual Visit.

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Patient being treated at an Urgent Visit

Urgent Visit or Emergency Department?

Life can throw us some painful curveballs. Make sure you know who to call before you find yourself needing same-day or immediate care.

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Older white couple sitting on rocky shore

How to Keep Diabetes From Controlling Your Life

When you take some small steps, you can keep diabetes from controlling your life.

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3 Tips to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Steady

Keeping a level blood sugar will help you function better.

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Man moisturizing face

How to Prevent and Manage Wintertime Eczema

Dry winter air can increase eczema. Here's how to prevent it.

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Illustration of father and son talking about father's care

Talking it Over—Conversations About Care

Talking with loved ones about their care can be tough. Get through it with these tips.

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illustration of allergens

Dealing with Spring Pollen Allergies

Allergy season in New Hampshire can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you deal with it.

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Healthy snacks for diabetics

9 Tips for Living Healthy With Diabetes

Use these tips to manage your health and make changes to help you live well with diabetes.

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Three common mistakes for people diagnosed with diabetes

3 Common Diabetes Mistakes

When you’re first diagnosed with diabetes, there’s lots to learn, and a few mistakes are bound to happen. Here are 3 common ones, along with tips to help you avoid them from the Centers for Disease Control.

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