Patient Stories

Providing skilled care to COVID-19 patients

Caring for COVID-19 Patients While Keeping Families Connected

A Vermont couple's experience with an early case of COVID-19

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Beth Wood stands on the steps outside her business in downtown Keene holding her baby

Beth Wood's Story: Delivering During a Pandemic

Cheshire’s midwifery, labor and delivery teams balance providing safe and comforting care for moms with rigorous COVID-19 safety precautions.

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David Duffy with Inpatient Rehabilitation team

Restoring Strength and Independence: David Duffy's story

David Duffy was always a hard worker. He didn’t have time to go to the doctor or exercise or watch what he ate. By age 50, he was 465 pounds and stressed to his limit.

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Cardiac Patient Steve Larmon, MD

Steve Larmon

A retired doctor has recovered from a serious heart attack thanks to the help from doctors at Cheshire Medical Center and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

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Cheshire Breast Cancer Center Team

Her Experience as a Breast Care Center Patient Prompts Jan Ray-Thompson to Join Care Team

An occupational therapist suffering from breast cancer recovered thanks to Cheshire Medical Center and joined the staff there.

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illustration of family navigating a ship

Navigating Changing Waters

Caring for aging loved ones can be difficult. Here are some tips that can help you.

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Worker and occupational therapist celebrate recovery

Patient Perspective: The Work Hardening Program

Work hardening is a conditioning program to help workers get back to work healthy and able to prevent injury in the future.

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Claire Simpson shows off her strength as she reconnects with Occupational Therapist Cindi Zipoli.

Trusting Relationships Help Patients Reach Their Rehabilitation Goals

Whether the need is acute inpatient therapy, or outpatient therapy, Cheshire Medical Center provides adults and adolescents comprehensive individualized care to help patients achieve their rehabilitation goals and get back to what matters to them.

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The Cheshire Doulas celebrating 20th year of supporting birthing parents.

Cheshire Doulas Celebrate 20 Years Supporting Parents in Labor

The Cheshire Doulas are a group of highly-trained volunteers who provide birthing parents with free, continuous physical, emotional, and informational support during labor.

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Jina Church and her husband Brian riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Patient Perspective: Expert Cancer Care with a Personal Touch

A patient at Cheshire Medical Center outlines her recovery from cancer.

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