Planned Giving

Judge Harry C. Lichman

left the bulk of his estate to Cheshire Health Foundation to underwrite care to the uninsured with a charitable trust. Judge Lichman was a beloved pillar in this community who devoted his time, talents, and wealth to improving Keene, the city he cherished.

Since 1892 our nonprofit hospital and clinic has been blessed with the generosity of community members who have remembered Cheshire Medical Center through their estate plans.

Join members of our Cheshire Health Foundation-Lichman Legacy Society for Planned Giving by making your commitment today or letting us know that you have already included Cheshire Health Foundation in your estate plans.

Include Cheshire Health Foundation in your estate plans


A popular option for making a planned gift to the Cheshire Health Foundation is through a bequest, by adding a few sentences to your last will and testament.

Sample bequest language includes:

I give and bequeath to the Cheshire Health Foundation, federal tax identification number 20-0202220, the sum of $_____ (or ____ percent of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) for its general purposes.

With a bequest, you are free to change your will at any time if your circumstances should change.

Charitable gift annuities

There are many benefits to creating a charitable gift annuity with Cheshire Health Foundation, including lifetime payments for you and up to one other loved one and a charitable tax deduction.

There are other gifts that pay income to you, such as a charitable remainder trust and a charitable remainder unitrust. Please consult with your financial advisor to determine the income-producing gift option that is best for your charitable gift and financial goals.

Gifts of retirement plan assets

Retirement plans now account for a substantial amount of household wealth. A simple way to make a planned gift is to name Cheshire Health Foundation as a beneficiary of all or a percentage of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other defined contribution plan.

Real estate

A gift of appreciated real estate will provide you with a tax deduction based on the fair market value of your property, and in addition, the need to pay a capital gains tax can be eliminated.

Please contact us

For more information about all gift planning options, gifts of stock, gifts of real estate, and gifts that provide you income, please contact Sandie Phipps, Vice President, Philanthropy and Community Relations at 603-354-5403 or at We would be pleased to meet with you and discuss your interests and arrangements that might be appropriate for your situation.

We recommend that donors seek the advice of an attorney or financial planner for applicability to their own situation when making a planned gift.