Treatment Close to Home

Nurse with linear accelerator

Your cancer care team at Cheshire Medical Center is part of Dartmouth Cancer Center, a world-class facility for treatment and research. Through this partnership, Cheshire Medical Center is able to offer high-quality, compassionate cancer care to our local communities, the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire and nearby towns in Vermont and Massachusetts.

Care centered on you

As part of your personalized treatment plan, your care team at Cheshire:

  • Brings in specialists in all areas of care, from diagnosing your cancer through follow-up care
  • Develops and discusses a personalized care plan with you, throughout your care
  • Offers a full range of supportive services to guide you and your family throughout your cancer care, and beyond
  • Talks with you and any family member about your cancer and answers any questions honestly and completely
  • Treats you with advanced techniques, which could include any combination of medicine, radiation, surgery, and pain relief

Services available in Keene

At Cheshire Medical Center, we offer the latest approaches for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery across many types of cancer. We provide compassionate care through every step of your journey, using advanced cancer treatments and the latest technologies.

In most cases, we can provide your cancer treatment here at Cheshire Medical Center. This care can include:

Your care expands when you need it

We work closely with other specialists at other Dartmouth Cancer Center locations to coordinate patient referrals, treatment, education, and clinical trials. For some advanced treatments, we may refer you to our team at the Cancer Center in Lebanon, NH. However, most patients still experience their follow-up care right here in Keene.


Medicines for cancer chemotherapy are constantly being improved for effectiveness and reduced side effects. Our specialists keep a close eye on the latest developments for your personalized care plan. If your plan calls for it, you’ll receive chemotherapy in the infusion bays within Kingsbury Pavilion at Cheshire Medical Center.

We've created a welcoming space in order to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Many patients bring personal devices to connect to wifi and listen to audiobooks or watch videos. 

Your oncologist explains your treatment thoroughly and our specialized oncology nurses grow to feel like family—please don’t hesitate to ask questions about your plan of care.

The Cancer Center’s Infusion Services page offers a video and resources so you can learn what to expect.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy usually requires frequent visits, often daily, over an extended period. Our advanced technology allows you to receive your treatment close to home.

For some cancers, radiation therapy is the first line of defense. For other types, it is used in support of surgery, chemotherapy, or other treatments. Your radiation oncologist explains your treatment thoroughly, answering any questions you may have.

While the general technique—eliminating tumors with focused energy—is not new, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, and scientists are combining a number of modern technologies for producing significant breakthroughs in radiation therapy. New advancements in imaging and beam shaping have to lead to improved targeting while reducing side effects.

The Dartmouth Cancer Center Radiation Treatment page explains what you can expect.

Surgical oncology

For many patients, your team needs a surgical diagnostic procedure, such as a biopsy, to form an accurate diagnosis to inform your plan of care. Surgeons often play a vital role in cancer treatment by removing tumors and repairing organs or tissues damaged by the cancer. Sometimes they also support a care plan by offering palliative treatment.

Our general surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons, ophthalmologists, vascular surgeons, and oral surgeons are among the specialists whose skill and expertise are often required for surgical cancer treatment at Cheshire Medical Center. Some specialized care plans may include surgery at another Dartmouth Health location, as our affiliation allows us to partner with the best specialist for your unique needs.

Learn more about surgical oncology at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

Managing your symptoms and side effects

Managing symptoms and side effects is key to your recovery and well-being. With a cancer diagnosis and treatment, you may have many questions for your doctor or other caregiver. Your team at Cheshire is always ready to talk with you on the phone or face to face. Taking good care of you is always our priority.

Rehabilitation and supportive services

Your care team may extend throughout Cheshire Medical Center. Our extensive rehabilitation services, both inpatient and outpatient, include therapists specialized in cancer recovery and physiatrists who create comprehensive therapy plans. Nutrition services can support you through side effects and recovery, as can Pain Management. And of course, our Primary Care collaborative care nurses and care coordinators serve as resources to check in throughout your journey.

Health care at Dartmouth Cancer Center at Cheshire Medical Center is made possible in part by a generous donation from the Kingsbury family.