Pulmonary Medicine

How well you breathe affects every part of your life, day and night. No matter your age, a respiratory problem may keep you from living a full and energetic life. Cheshire Medical Center’s team of pulmonary specialists is experienced in managing and treating a broad range of respiratory problems.

How we can help

Your pulmonary team performs comprehensive tests so we can design a personalized plan of care for you. These are some of the more common problems we treat:

Pulmonary rehabilitation

To lessen the effects of chronic lung diseases, we may recommend you to take part in our pulmonary rehabilitation program. Your team—the medical director, respiratory therapists, and other professionals—will help you understand and cope with your disease. Together, we will work to make your life more comfortable and independent. Learn more about pulmonary rehabilitation.

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Collaboration for the best care

Our pulmonary medicine team will often coordinate with other experts as part of your personalized treatment plan. For example, we work with:

If your treatment involves other specialists, you can expect a seamless transition of care. Manage all your appointments, see test results and ask any of your providers questions through the myDH patient portal