Healthy Aging

Senior man with sweater around his shoulders smiles into the distance as his wife hugs his shoulders and smiles with him.

Navigating memory loss: 6 tips to support your quality of life

Addressing a major concern in Cheshire County, Melissa Grenier, LCSW, of New Hampshire's Alzheimer's Association Chapter, shares advice for families navigating early-stage memory loss

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Friendly woman sits talking to group of people. Dartmouth Health Cheshire Medical Center logo

In-person Spring wellness classes address memory loss, foot health, and healthy eating

This March, the Center for Population Health at Cheshire Medical Center brings back popular topics for in-person workshops taught by a beloved surgeon, a registered dietitian, and an Alzheimer's expert

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Woman in red shirt holding mirror, looking at her reflection

Rethinking regular drinking: Tips and tools to improve your well-being

Each day is an opportunity to begin again. Tricia Zahn, MPH, shares resources to help you assess how alcohol affects your life, understand your patterns with compassion, and make conscious choices for your health.

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Healthy cyclists high five

Four tips for successful healthy New Year's resolutions

As a family medicine provider, Karl Dietrich, MD, MPH support patients in making fresh-start resolutions to improve their health. He shares the most effective strategies for making lasting positive changes.

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Group support

Three group support resources to improve your mental health

You don't have to bear your struggles alone—support from people who understand what you are going through can make all the difference.

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Mom with sick baby

RSV: What you should know

As news in our region spreads about children with severe respiratory illness fill emergency departments and pediatric inpatient units, Cheshire’s pediatricians discuss how to slow transmission, care for sick children, and when to call for urgent care.

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Daughter and father discussion

Advance care planning for all ages

Few want to burden loved ones with difficult decisions during times of emotional distress. You make decisions about your care for yourself by creating an advance care directive and designating a healthcare agent while you’re able.

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Man getting health insurance

The Marketplace is open: Signing up for health insurance

Find out what you need to enroll in health coverage for next year by Dec. 15. If you find difficult to navigate, make a phone appointment today with Cheshire Medical Center for help.

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