Caring, Candlelight and Community Tribute Past Honorees

Caring, Candlelight and Community:
Past Honorees

Betsy Cotter, RN

Betsy Cotter, RN (2022)

Betsy Cotter, RN, graduated from Crouse Irving Memorial School of Nursing and made the care and well-being of others her life’s work. Cheshire Medical Center became the focal point of her career in 1974, when she accepted a position as a labor and delivery nurse. Subsequently, she was persuaded to join the Keene Clinic as an OB-GYN nurse. She became the clinic’s Director of Nursing and transitioned to Director of Operations following the clinic and hospital’s merger. Betsy’s dedication to quality and continuity of patient care, and advocacy for fellow nurses, culminated in her being named Cheshire’s Senior Director of Ambulatory Care, a position held until her 2016 retirement. Betsy also served many years on the board of trustees for Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services and Center Stage of Cheshire County. She further supported the Greater Monadnock community through membership in the American Academy for Ambulatory Care, the American Legion Auxiliary, Keene Kiwanis Club, and 100 Women Who Care. Today, she continues to focus on local healthcare as a trustee of Cheshire Medical Center and Cheshire Health Foundation. Betsy lost her beloved husband, Bill, in 2019, but is otherwise enjoying retirement being with her daughters, Jessica and KC, two granddaughters, and exploring in her classic, red Jeep.

Jane Stabler

Jane Stabler (2022)

Jane Stabler moved to Keene from Chicago in 1982 and subsequently became involved in the Greater Monadnock region’s healthcare services by joining Cheshire Medical Center’s Board of Trustees and serving on the Finance and Investment committees. Jane’s work on the Board built on her background in commercial banking, first in Chicago and then with Indian Head National Bank in Keene, followed by her position as Vice President and CFO of The MacMillin Company, Inc. In 2007, she joined the 1911 Office and Putnam Foundation as Executive Director. Philanthropy has always been a priority for Jane, as she had been involved with several nonprofits in our community since moving to Keene. However, her role with the Putnam Foundation allowed her to broaden her philanthropic involvement in the community and beyond. At the behest of Jim Putnam, Jane joined Cheshire Health Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 2016. She assisted in reconfiguring the Board and played a pivotal role in redefining the function of philanthropy at the Medical Center. Her dedication, focus and wisdom were integral to fundraising efforts impacting patient care throughout her Board tenure, which culminated in 2020 when her service as chair concluded. Jane’s commitment to the health and wellness of the community will have long-lasting effects.

Steve Larmon, MD, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Steven S. Larmon, MD (2021)

Steven S. Larmon, MD, was interested in science and mathematics from a young age, and always knew his path might include medicine. For the Greater Monadnock community, we are fortunate his calling proved to be oncology rather than organic chemistry. Although his career did not begin in Keene, his way here was paved during his medical residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and through the lasting relationships he formed with fellow physicians James Sise, Bill Moyle, Bill Chase and John Schlegelmilch. Upon relocating to Keene, Dr. Larmon played a pivotal role in establishing what is now Cheshire Medical Center’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center – Kingsbury Pavilion, serving as its medical director for nearly 25 years. Dr. Larmon also expanded cancer care in the region by taking over the oncology clinics at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Monadnock Community Hospital, and Springfield Hospital. He is beloved by the countless patients he treated for his kindness and deep compassion. In retirement he remains active within the community, embracing time spent with his wife, Jane, two chorale groups and other organizations, and as a newly-minted grandfather of three. We owe Dr. Larmon a debt of gratitude for his vision, commitment, and extraordinary care for others. Thank you, Steve!

Gregg Tewksbury, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Gregg Tewksbury (2021)

Gregg Tewksbury believes innovation and commitment are the keys to helping our community thrive. He has dedicated his career to ensuring our local community financial institutions remain strong and independent, previously serving as President of Savings Bank of Walpole, and currently as President and CEO of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp. Gregg has also dedicated countless volunteer hours to strengthening health and human services in the Greater Monadnock region, including more than nine years spent as a member of Cheshire Medical Center’s Board of Trustees, two of which he served as its Chair. The support that he and his family received from Cheshire at a time of profound personal loss cemented Gregg’s commitment to helping preserve and expand healthcare for the community. In his role as a Cheshire Trustee, he helped guide the Medical Center’s affiliation with Dartmouth Health, as well as the major renovations made to the Emergency Department. Gregg’s vision and expertise have been invaluable to Cheshire, helping to set the Medical Center on a trajectory for future successful growth and guaranteeing exceptional care that is still close to home. We are profoundly grateful for his service to Cheshire and for always considering what will benefit our community. Thank you, Gregg!

George Scott, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

George Scott (2020)

George Scott dedicated his life to championing the health and well-being of the greater Monadnock community. Shortly after moving to Keene in 1967 to work for Markem, he joined the fundraising campaign to build the facility today known as Cheshire Medical Center, and later served on Cheshire’s Board of Trustees. For 17 years, George – and his signature bowtie – was also a fixture as a beloved volunteer at the Medical Center’s information desk. Long a member of the Keene Family YMCA, George served among its leadership and was instrumental to the construction of the current facility, a project he counts among his proudest achievements. A firm believer that excellent services should be available to the entire community, he worked to ensure accessible eldercare at The Woodward Home, co-founded the Keene Day Care Center and Internet access provider Monadnet, and actively supports Monadnock Family Services. An accomplished woodworker, George recently assisted with expanding the Keene Public Library, helping to build a scale model of its new addition. George’s vision and many contributions to Cheshire Medical Center and the community will last long into the future, and for this we owe him a debt of gratitude. Thank you, George!

John Walter, Jr., MD, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

John N. Walter Jr., MD (2020)

John N. Walter, Jr., MD, was a Florida-bound locum tenens physician when a scheduling change sent him to Winchester, New Hampshire instead. The opportunity to establish a true family medicine practice kept John in the Monadnock region working for Cheshire Medical Center, where he has been a beloved and respected doctor and community member for more than 30 years. The textbook definition of a family practitioner personified, John worked with multiple generations of many Winchester families and has made a lasting impact on the health and wellness of countless patients. He cites the support of the Medical Center and its collegial atmosphere as integral to the success of his practice, from which he retired in 2018. Although “retired,” he continues to serve the community today, treating patients part-time at Applewood Rehabilitation Center on behalf of Cheshire Medical Center. John attributes his father’s kindness, honesty, intellectual curiosity and tolerance as his single greatest influence. He possesses these traits himself, which is evident when others speak of his kindness and selfless dedication to helping others. Please join us in honoring John’s many years of care for Monadnock region residents and continuing focus on the health and wellness of the larger community. Thank you, John!

Jim and Judy Putnam, past honorees, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Jim and Judy Putnam (2019)

Jim and Judy Putnam have been dedicated supporters of Cheshire Medical Center and our community for many years. After returning from overseas work with the Peace Corps and Markem Corporation, they settled in the Monadnock Region and became active volunteers serving on countless boards and committees, giving generously of their leadership and energy. From 2004-2012, Jim served on the Medical Center’s Board of Trustees, including time as the Board Chair, and later as the Chair of the newly formed Philanthropy Committee. When the Cheshire Health Foundation’s newly dedicated Board of Trustees was established in 2016, Jim became its founding Chair. Jim and Judy both have served in many roles at St. James Episcopal Church and Judy has been a Keene Public Library Trustee for over 20 years. Today, Jim and Judy continue to dedicate their time, talent and treasure to supporting the health and wellness of our community. Please join us in celebrating the unwavering dedication of Jim and Judy and their commitment to our nonprofit community and Cheshire Medical Center.

Carl S. DeMatteo, MD, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Carl S. DeMatteo, MD (2019)

Carl S. DeMatteo, MD, has dedicated his career to serving others in the Monadnock Region, New Hampshire, and around the country. Carl arrived in Keene at the Keene Clinic in 1985 as an Infectious Disease Specialist and General Internist. He was a co-founder of AIDS Services to the Monadnock Region. Serving as the President of the Keene Clinic in the 1990s, Carl played an intricate role in re-writing the by-laws in preparation for the sale of the Keene Clinic to the Hitchcock Clinic in Lebanon. After shepherding the process to success, Carl went on to work in several locations throughout the Dartmouth Health system, and retired from his position as Chief Quality and Compliance Officer of the Dartmouth Heatlh system in 2011. Since his “retirement,” Carl has split his time between seeing patients in Keene and volunteering his time with Remote Area Medical, traveling to areas around the country, providing free medical care to low-income communities. Please join us in honoring Carl’s many years of caring for those residing in the Monadnock Region and for his continued service in our community and communities around the United States.

Maiche Gardner and Ed Tomey, past honorees, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Maich Gardner and Ed Tomey (2018)

Maich Gardner and Ed Tomey have devoted much of their lives, professionally and as volunteers, to the nonprofit communities where they live, supporting vulnerable children, families, and the elderly. They moved to the Monadnock Region in the late 1970s, joined the faculty at Antioch University, and worked with a multitude of regional and state-wide nonprofits. In 2000, Cheshire Medical Center reached out to Maich and asked her to help create a doula program for our birth center. She managed the volunteer program to assist birthing mothers, and personally attended births too numerous to count. She retired in 2010, and her work lives on. Upon stepping down as Chair of Antioch’s Management Department, Ed helped the NH Charitable Foundation establish The Corporate Fund. For 16 years, he and Maich partnered to review more than 1,000 proposals from nonprofits seeking funds to strengthen their management and governance. Ed, meanwhile, consulted to some 150 nonprofits, including our Clinic and Medical Center, Monadnock Family Services, and the Endowment for Health. Today, they continue to volunteer, leaving lasting impressions on nonprofits and their clients. Please join us in celebrating the years of Maich and Ed’s commitment to our nonprofit community and the Medical Center.

Art Simington, MD past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Art Simington, MD (2018)

Art Simington, MD, always believed that his job as a pediatrician was first and foremost to be a teacher—to his young patients, to their families, and to other doctors at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene and other institutions. After retiring from 28 years at Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene, Art’s service of teaching did not end. He continued to inspire new generations of doctors as an Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at Dartmouth Medical School. In addition to his work in the clinic and hospital, Art has served the area in several community health organizations, the UCC Church in Keene, and the Historical Society of Cheshire County. Please join us in honoring Art’s many years of caring for children and their families in the Monadnock Region and for his continued service in our community.

Stephanie Baute, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Stephanie Baute (2017)

Stephanie Baute and her Standard Poodles, Maggie, Lucy, and, most recently, Charlie, have been volunteers at Cheshire Medical Center for 13 years, brightening the days of patients and allowing them to have a bit of “home” during challenging times. Over the years, Stephanie and her therapy-trained dogs have visited with countless patients and their families. In addition to her volunteer work at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock, Stephanie was a founding member of The Samaritans, Inc. of the Monadnock Region, a member of the Monadnock United Way’s Board of Directors and Allocations Committee, and an advisory board member of Home Healthcare Hospice & Community Services. Please join us in celebrating Stephanie’s service to the community and the time she spends brightening the lives of our patients.

Roger Hansen, MD, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Roger Hansen, MD (2017)

Roger Hansen, MD, always knew he would be an orthopaedist. Roger came to the Keene Clinic in 1980, and in 1984 was a key player in forming Monadnock Sports Medicine. After retiring from 25 years at the Keene Clinic, Roger’s service to Cheshire Medical Center did not end. For the past 5 years he has served on the Medical Center’s Board of Trustees and was a founding member of the Cheshire Health Foundation’s board. In addition to his work with Cheshire Medical Center, Roger also has served on the boards of Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities, New Hampshire Public Radio, Home Healthcare and Community Services, Monadnock United Way, and the Christian Camp Meeting Association. Please join us in celebrating Roger’s many years of caring for the health and wellness of our community.

Bob Rooney, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Bob Rooney (2016)

Bob Rooney personifies service, compassion, and leadership. Bob’s tenure on the CMC/DHK Board of Trustees spans three terms, dating from 1998-2007, as a member, Vice Chair, and then board Chair. Bob served on the CMC/DHK Board through more than one celebrated milestone; the Joint Operating Agreement with Dartmouth Hitchcock, the building expansion which united CMC/DHK into one campus, and the succession of Art Nichols as CEO/President. His contributions to creating a sustainable health system for our region have been invaluable.

Bob’s exhaustive support of the health and wellbeing of the greater community includes service to several boards and councils, through which he has earned the reputation as a thoughtful and skilled leader. He is highly regarded for his service to Monadnock Family Services, both as a board member and as acting CEO, aiding the organization through a time of transition. Bob has given countless hours of service to myriad nonprofits including Home Healthcare Hospice & Community Services, and the Monadnock United Way.

Bob and his wife, Mary, continue to be valued members of CMC/DHK’s Council of Advisors, and Bob has recently answered the call to serve as a founding board member on the newly formed Cheshire Health Foundation Board of Trustees.

Bob Englund, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Bob Englund, MD (2016)

Bob Englund’s life portrays a continuum of civic-mindedness. The former Peace Corps volunteer began his career in Keene as a Hospitalist at the Keene Clinic in 1976, where he practiced Internal Medicine until his retirement from CMC/DHK in 2002. Bob has been a stalwart leader in the community— as a former Keene City Councilor, a member of the CMC/DHK Council of Advisors and Steering Committee member for the Initiative for Community Wellness, a board member to Monadnock Family Services, a co-chair of the Keene Family YMCA Capital Campaign, and an outspoken supporter of the greenhouse model of nursing home care in Keene. These represent only a few of the numerous contributions he has made to our community’s wellbeing.

Even in retirement, Bob’s medical training and compassion provide support for inmates at Cheshire County Jail, where Bob makes himself available to inmates to answer medical questions, most often regarding the health of a loved one from whom they are separated by incarceration. A family member may be suffering from an illness or undergoing a procedure and the inmate is unable to consult physicians, leaving them uncertain and concerned for their loved one’s wellbeing. Bob answers some of those questions to help them understand what is likely to occur medically.

Jean and John Hoffman, Jr., past honorees, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Jean and John Hoffman, Jr. (2015)

Jean and John Hoffman, Jr. moved to Sullivan, New Hampshire in 1988. They embraced their town, the Monadnock Region and the State of New Hampshire as their new home and became highly engaged in civic and nonprofit service by sharing their time, talent and treasure to help improve the lives of all community members. They have helped the patients of CMC/DHK by supporting resources for spine care and education, palliative care, emergency care and the overall health and wellness of our community. They have been stalwart Champions of Healthy Monadnock 2020, living, sharing, modeling and inspiring the Healthy Monadnock ideals and helping to share the story of Healthy Monadnock throughout the state. Jean and John have each selflessly dedicated themselves as trustees and volunteers for numerous Monadnock Region nonprofits, including Apple Hill Center for Chamber music, Monadnock Family Services, Monadnock United Way, MoCo Arts, Giving Monadnock, Arts Alive, Monadnock Conservancy, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation-Monadnock Region, Community Connections for After-School Networking, Cheshire County Nursing Home Task Force, Beyond Maplewood Coalition, and the Super Seniors. Married for 60 years, the Hoffmans raised five children and are the proud grandparents to 12 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Kimball Temple, MD, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Kimball Temple, MD (2015)

Kimball Temple, MD served as a cardiologist at CMC/DHK from 1969 to his retirement in 1998. Throughout his career Dr. Temple assumed various leadership roles. He was President of the Keene Clinic, President of the Cheshire Hospital Medical Staff, Director of the Coronary Care Unit, Co-Director of Cardiology, and Associate Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School. After “retirement” he practiced in the Public Health Indian Services for the Sioux Tribe at Fort Totten in North Dakota. Dr. Temple’s focus on the community is evidenced by his continuous volunteering of his time and expertise throughout the Monadnock Region as a Trustee at RiverMead Retirement Community, Chairman of the Investment Committee for the Historical Society of Cheshire County, a Trustee of the City of Keene Trust Funds, and Board President for Prospect Place assisted living home in Keene. At the state level he has served as President of the New Hampshire Heart Association. Of all his accomplishments, Dr. Temple credits the mutual trust he was able to form with his patients as his greatest achievement and vital to his career. A home orchardist and beekeeper, Dr. Temple lives in Keene with his wife of 54 years, Maria. They have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild.

Alan Stroshine, past honoree Caring, Candlelight and Community

Alan Stroshine (2014)

Alan Stroshine is a former CMC/DHK Board of Trustee member (2000-2009) and Chair, serving during the construction of the Central Building that joined the clinic to the hospital. He is a two-time Paul Harris Fellow, a 20-year member and past president of the Keene Elm City Rotary Club (KERC), and race director for the Clarence DeMar Marathon. He helped establish the Monadnock Regional High School Interact Club and has traveled thirteen times to El Salvador with Interact and Rotary for service projects. He helped directly tie KERC to Healthy Monadnock 2020 as the Organizational Champion of the Year in 2012. Alan currently serves as Chair of the Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities Board and Trustee of the Keene Academy. He has been a baseball coach for 10+ years and is a former board member of the Keene Babe Ruth. He volunteers with the Monadnock United Way.

William Moyle, MD, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

William Moyle, MD (2014)

William Moyle, MD is a retired CMC/DHK surgeon (1971 to 1998).  He served as President of the Keene Clinic and was on the Board of Directors for both the Keene Clinic and Cheshire Medical Center.  He received his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University and medical degree from Cornell University. He completed his training in General Surgery at Bellevue Hospital and North Shore University Hospital in NY. He followed with Fellowships in Thoracic and Vascular Surgery at George Washington University Hospital, and Pediatric Surgery at Children’s Hospital in D.C.  Dr. Moyle is a veteran and served 2 years in Germany as a U.S. Army Medical Corps Captain. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of several medical associations and societies.  He served on the boards of Home Healthcare Hospice & Community Services, the Keene Chorale and the Monadncock Volunteer Center.

Audrey Hadcock, past honoree, Caring, Candlelight and Community

Audrey Hadcock (2013)

Audrey Hadcock is a former CMC/DHK Board of Trustee member (1998 to 2008), serving as Chair in her last term.  She was recognized in 2007 by the NH Hospital Association as Trustee of the Year, and is credited for helping to shape Vision 2020 (now Healthy Monadnock 2020). Named Citizen of the Year in 2005 by the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce, Audrey is applauded for her volunteer & leadership roles with Monadnock United Way, Home Healthcare Hospice & Community Services, Monadnock Family Services, Ashuelot River Park, and Keene Downtown Housing Corporation.

Arthur Cohen, MD, past honoree Caring, Candlelight and Community

Arthur Cohen, MD (2013)

Arthur Cohen, MD is a retired CMC/DHK physician (1961 to 1990), and Cheshire County’s first Urologist.  A “Double Jumbo” from Tufts University, he also holds degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology, Univ. of Oklahoma, and an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Keene State College.  He was recognized by the National Kidney Foundation, NH Chapter in 1998, and served in the USPHS Reserves for 61 years, including 3 and half years of active duty.