How Do I Get Started?

Am I a candidate for bariatric surgery?

Keep in mind that bariatric surgery is not a magic cure for obesity. It is a tool to help you lose weight along with a healthy diet and regular daily exercise.

Bariatric surgery may be an option for you if you have:

  • A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or more
  • Not maintained long-term weight loss with diet and exercise
  • An absence of any untreated major psychiatric or eating disorder
  • No active substance misuse
  • The ability to follow dietary, exercise and behavioral recommendations
  • No plans to become pregnant around the time of surgery

After an initial introductory session, you’ll work with Cheshire Medical Center’s Bariatric team to determine whether bariatric surgery is the right choice for your weight-loss journey. Learn more and register for a free online introductory session:

Get a free online consultation to see if bariatric surgery is right for you.

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Bariatric surgery insurance coverage

While Cheshire Medical Center's new Bariatric Surgery program is awaiting accreditation, not all insurance plans cover the procedure and care here in Keene. Please call us— our patient navigator will give you a list of questions to ask your insurance company if you decide surgery is right for you.

If your insurance plan does not cover care in Keene until we receive accreditation, we can refer you to another Dartmouth Health location.

Let’s get started

Our team provides free online introductory sessions to anyone considering weight loss surgery.

  • Learn about the options, benefits, and risk factors of weight loss surgery.
  • Understand how your commitment to a healthy lifestyle is vital to success.
  • Determine if this is the right choice for your health and wellness.
  • Meet the whole bariatric care team and ask questions.

We hold regular online info sessions:

  • Every second Monday of the month from 4 pm to 6 pm
  • Every fourth Monday of the month from 10 am to 12 pm

Get a free online consultation to see if bariatric surgery is right for you.

Call us today 603-354-5476

Working together to create your care plan

Our program is patient-driven, so your plan is tailored to your medical needs, and the outcome depends upon your participation in the steps leading up to your surgery. The average time between a patient’s introductory session and surgery is six to nine months.

Your team will guide you through these steps leading up to surgery:

  •  Attend the Bariatric Surgery Introduction Session, where you will learn and be able to ask questions about:
    • The benefits and risks of surgery
    • Insurance coverage
    • Lifestyle changes and life-long care
    • Making the journey toward surgery
    • Options for surgery
    • Nutrition before and after surgery
    • Psychological evaluation
    • Your next steps
  •  Complete all forms and sign up for myD-H, Cheshire’s patient portal
  •  Consultations with nurse and dietician
  •  Start your individualized plan, including monthly visits
  •  Psychological evaluation and medical testing
  •  Join support group sessions
  •  Surgery evaluation, authorization, and pre-operative meeting
  •  Bariatric surgery