Emergency Medical Services Education

Cheshire Medical Center is one of 26 acute care hospitals in New Hampshire designated as a resource hospital. As a regional resource hospital, Cheshire provides medical control, supplies medications, and performs quality assurance reviews of pre-hospital emergency care for emergency medical providers across the region.

Cheshire’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff works with local fire departments and ambulance services to ensure their personnel has the appropriate certifications and training for the medical services they provide. Our staff also cultivates relationships and communication between regional EMS agencies and Cheshire’s providers to ensure smooth transitions and excellent emergency care for our patients.

How Cheshire’s EMS education works

Cheshire’s Emergency Services staff keeps external EMS agencies up to date with the latest trends in emergency medicine via monthly and quarterly meetings and online communication.

Cheshire Medical Center serves as a remote training site so that affiliated emergency providers, many of whom are volunteers, can participate in classes close to home. Our staff may also respond to emergencies to assist or to evaluate how well EMS providers are integrating best medical practices with on-the-ground patient care.

EMS professionals: find local training and education

Join the Cheshire County EMS Training Facebook Group to be notified of upcoming training opportunities and events. Or contact EMS Coordinator Ryan Hornblower at 603-354-5400, ext. 3458 or rhornblower@cheshire-med.com.

What certifications do EMS professionals need to practice in New Hampshire?

All providers who depend on Cheshire Medical Center as their resource hospital must be certified through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians before receiving a license from the state of New Hampshire to provide emergency services. This certification needs to be renewed every two years. Cheshire’s EMS Education staff ensures all affiliated EMS professionals have current certifications. 

To learn more, contact EMS Coordinator Ryan Hornblower at 603-354-5400, ext. 3458 or rhornblower@cheshire-med.com.