Education and Growth

Earn while you learn: kickstart your career 

Starting a new career path can change your life—and the opportunities in healthcare are endless.

In collaboration with the Workforce Readiness Institute, Cheshire Medical Center offers several entry-level training programs and apprenticeships. Some are offered periodically throughout the year, right here at Cheshire. The most popular are our Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) and Medical Assistant (MA) Apprenticeship programs. 


Selfie of young blond, female nurse in blue scrubs with badge and vocera. She has taken her mask off one ear to smile at the camera

Meeting people at the most vulnerable times in their lives; you get to take care of people on their worst days and make them feel better. Making a difference in someone’s life is why I get up and go to work.

Savannah Cavedini, LNA, former trainee


No cost to you

Not only is there no cost to the programs, but participants receive a training wage during classroom time, a good starting wage and benefits with performance increases during the apprenticeship, and a raise at the conclusion.

Build in-demand skills for a career with purpose

Best of all–participants have job security in a dynamic field and many career development opportunities throughout the healthcare industry with workforce development. Many trainees later take advantage of our tuition reimbursement and scholarships, sometimes achieving advanced nursing degrees without incurring student debt. 


Middle aged man in scrubs pauses to look at camera while using a computer terminal
“This program came at the right time in my life. It gave me the resources to hit the ground running when I started working with patients—helping them achieve the best health they can.”

Steve, MA, former apprentice

Female nurse with hair tied back, wearing surgical mask, pauses to look at camera in a dimly-lit ICU hallway
“If you think you want to get into health care, get that LNA and try it out — see how it goes for you. It solidified in my mind that I wanted to become a nurse.”

Meet Elizabeth, BSN, former LNA apprentice

Learn while you earn: tuition reimbursement and scholarships

Our commitment to our community means continuous improvement through ongoing training, best practices, and an atmosphere of mutual support. By supporting our employees' continuing education, we advance our goal of bringing our very best to the patients we proudly serve, together. We encourage you to explore specialization and leadership opportunities in nursing at Cheshire.

Beyond in-house residency and certificate programs, we offer tuition reimbursement, RN loan repayment, additional endowment funds for matriculated nursing programs, and scholarships from generous community donors.

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