Do you find it harder to enjoy conversations because you no longer grasp every word? Are you worried that your child does not respond to sounds in the way you would expect? Our audiology team is here to help. 

We understand how frustrating and isolating hearing problems can be. Hearing loss can happen gradually, so you may not notice until you find you have to ask people to repeat themselves often. Asking your doctor for a comprehensive hearing evaluation referral may be the first step to improving your life.

How we can help

Your audiology team performs a comprehensive hearing test so we can design a personalized solution for you or your child. An audiology specialist will start with an ear examination. The next step is an evaluation, using the latest technology to see how well you or your child respond to many different sounds. 

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Signs of Hearing Loss

Here are some tips on recognizing hearing loss in others or yourself.

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Your personalized treatment plan

Let us know about your lifestyle, job, and favorite activities involving sound, so we can design the best plan of care for you. Your team is experienced with a wide range of effective technologynew and oldto help you hear better; however, technology is not the answer to every hearing problem and we have a wide range of solutions to incorporate into your treatment plan.

Some common treatments and services include:

  • Assistive listening devices (ALDs), such as small, hand-held amplifiers
  • Customized earmolds to prevent loud sounds from hurting your ears
  • Hearing aid evaluation, fitting, and repair for effectiveness, comfort, and appearance

There may be other technologies that can help

In addition to hearing aids, we can help you find other solutions to hearing loss, ranging from a simple picture board to a computer program that turns writing into speech. The National Institution on Deafness and Other Communication Orders (NIDCD) has more information on these and other assistive devices.

When you visit

Please let us know if you or a family member will need an interpreter or communication device when you visit.

More resources

Dartmouth Hitchcock offers additional resources. Find educational information and a list of cochlear implant manufacturers in case you need help with your device.