Safety and Prevention

Firework display

Celebrate with fireworks safely - be prepared, be safe, be responsible

Here are tips for keeping you—and your family—safe around fireworks.

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A blonde woman holds the hand of an older woman, presumably her mother

The importance of advance care planning

Few want to burden loved ones with difficult decisions during times of emotional distress. You make decisions about your care for yourself by creating an advance care directive and designating a healthcare agent while you’re able.

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A pair of woman's hands cuts a ripe avocado that is sitting on a wooden cutting board

Put down the avocado! Dos and don'ts for better hand safety

Cheshire experts offer best practices — plus a testimonial from an area culinary staple

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Mother and teenage son look affectionately at each other with an arm around each other.

Stopping cervical cancer in its tracks, together

Cervical cancer is not only an issue for women. From testing to understanding how HPV vaccination and safer sex protect loved ones, here’s how we can bring New Hampshire cervical cancer rates closer to zero.

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Two adults in winter gear looking happy and playful while on a walk in the snow

Top tips to manage stress and boost your immunity

Ongoing stress adversely affects your immunity and long-term health. Psychologist, Catherine Schuman, PhD, of Family & Community Care, offers advice for dealing with life's challenges.

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Woman holds tailbone in pain while on the ground, having fallen on ice

Don’t take a digger: How to prevent and recover from winter slips and falls

Physical therapist Sharil Cass, PT, DPT, NCS, discusses the best body mechanics and footwear for walking in wintery conditions and how to get back on your feet should you take a dive.

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White woman puts items such as water and toiletries into a preparedness kit

Preparedness: The difference between emergency and adventure

Tricia Zahn, MPH, discusses small actions you can take to improve your safety during unexpected events, including a list for your personal preparedness kit

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Rachael Richardson stands smiling, wearing a pink sweater and headband, in front of a decorative hedge

Breast cancer survivor urges patients to be their own best advocates

At age 35, Rachael's proactive attitude towards her own care helped save her life. She explains how you can do the same.

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Neal Goldenberg, MD, shows a patient where the ACL is on a model of a knee

Know your knees: ACL injury prevention

Neal Goldenberg, MD, chair of Sports Medicine at Cheshire, discusses how athletes can prevent this very common, career-threatening injury.

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An older man holding a baseball bat with his arm around a child who holds a catcher's mit.

Arming patients against prostate cancer

Roland Chen, MD, urologist at Cheshire Medical Center, addresses myths, facts, and the prevention of this common killer.

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