Working Outdoors

Woman working in garden

Whether undertaking yard work, home improvement projects or working professionally outdoors, make safety precautions part of your routine. This is especially important during the warm weather months when outdoor injuries are the most common. Here a few tips to take action against:

Sprains, strains and tears

Prevent the most common summer injuries by taking care when walking on slippery or uneven ground, using ergonomic tools, and using proper lifting techniques, including team lifting for heavy items.


Scrapes, punctures, and incisions are most often prevented by using proper gloves for the job, ensuring all blades are sharp, and ensuring machine guards are functional—and in use.

Sun and heat stroke

Avoid this life-threatening condition by wearing loose-fitting, light-colored, lightweight clothing. Apply a shot glass full of 30+ spf every 2 to 4 hours to exposed skin, drink water every hour, and plan physically demanding activities in the early morning or after sunset.

Avoid ticks

Tuck your pants into your socks and shirt into your pants, carefully treat your regular work clothes with repellant like permethrin, and perform a tick-check after every shift.

If you do experience a minor injury, develop heatstroke, or find a tick attached for more than 24 hours, visit the Walk-In Care Clinic at 149 Emerald St. in Keene—open 8-8 on weekdays and 10-4 on weekends.