Brain Workouts

Dancing and exercising

Your brain is always changing. This process is called “brain plasticity”—as we experience the world, practice habits, and learn new information, our brains change, grow new connections and repair broken ones.

As we age, our experiences and knowledge keep our brains working, developing and learning. People of all ages can benefit from activities that help keep your brain healthy to improve focus, memory, and overall mental sharpness. Try some of the following ways to “work out” your brain and boost it’s abilities.

Learn some new dance moves: Take local classes or online tutorials to get you thinking on your feet.

Enjoy solving puzzles or play games with friends:  Whether its at the table or on screen, these activities are great ways to workout your brain.

Take up yoga, qigong or tai chi: Move with purpose at the Keene YMCA or Senior Center.

Learn a new language: There are apps and local conversation meetup groups for that.

Become more active in your community: Join a community choral or theater group or volunteer at a favorite non-profit.

Take a different route: Drive or bike home a different way each week.

Meditate: Brain health also benefits from the pause that refreshes. Try guided sessions at the local mindfulness or yoga centers and online.