Activity is Good Medicine: A New Program to Support Patients on Their Journey to Better Health

Poster image for Activity is Good Medicine Exercise Program

A new physical activity prescription program is helping local patients jumpstart their journey to health and wellness—Activity Is Good Medicine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Your physicians and providers at Cheshire Medical Center could not agree more.

The top 7 health benefits of regular physical activity:

  1. Control your weight.
  2. Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  4. Reduce your risk of some cancers.
  5. Strengthen your bones and muscles.
  6. Improve your mental health and mood.
  7. Improve your ability to do daily activities and prevent falls.

NOTE: People with chronic diseases, such as a heart condition, arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure, should talk to their doctor about what types and amounts of physical activity are appropriate before starting any physical activity routine.

Activity Is Good Medicine is a program available to patients of Cheshire Medical Center whose healthcare provider has prescribed increased physical activity as a component of their health care plan.

Through the Prescribe for Health Program of Cheshire Medical Center, the Center for Population Health is partnering with the Keene Family YMCA and physicians and providers to increase opportunities for adults to participate in regular physical activity.

Participants in the program benefit from a three-month membership at the Keene Family YMCA with a personalized activity routine. The total cost to participate in the program is $15.

Ask your health provider at any Cheshire Medical Center location (including Walpole and Winchester Family Medicine) to refer you to Prescribe for Health – Activity Is Good Medicine to help you meet your health and wellness goals. Or, call James Duffy at Prescribe for Health 354-5454 x2015 for more information.

More information about the top 7 health benefits of regular physical activity is available through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at